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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

In demand Rose staying at Spurs


We hear that Manchester United want to renew interest in Danny Rose while our press have decided that Inter Milan are interested and the Italian press report what our press say. There are also stories that Chelsea want to offer £40 million for him, which as Kyle Walker went for £54 million plus add-ons I believe and not the £45 million City are suggesting, that figure will not be entertained.

There doesn't seem to be original news from the Italian press of Inter interest so that may just be our press throwing their name at any story, I did recently point out how we had been linked to 12 of their players. They seem to be a standard name to throw at a story now they have Chinese ownership.

Tottenham have no intention of selling any players Mauricio Pochettino wants, it was his decision to let Kyle Walker go, he wasn't sold out underneath him by Daniel Levy as those with an agenda would have you believe.

We have the national press running stories that his price at the bookies has been slashed, clearly not understanding that that is how a bookmaker makes his money. People seeing a shortening of the odds jump on and when it doesn't happen they lose. It is common in next manager markets, you have a succession of dramatic price reductions, they can't and aren't all right.

It is coming to something when professional journalists have to resort to writing about bookmakers odds changing instead of investigating the story and writing about that, often, no doubt, that is because there is no story and the same media have just invented it. I'm not saying that has happened here but we all know it does.

While some will no doubt panic, I'll wait serenely to see what unfolds, there is little point doing anything else really, it doesn't affect events, so why get all hot and bothered. In my view nothing will happen, the 27-year-old (28 next July) will remain at Spurs.


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  1. Why on earth would Poch want to sell somebody who is widely acknowledged as the best RB in the PL and England's 1st choice? No it was because Walker wanted to go and win trophies and face a new challenge of course, nothing more sinister than that.
    Where levy comes into the equation is he would have promised Poch a quality replacement, but like most things levy promises his managers down the years, he simply doesn't deliver, certainly not in time for the new season especially.
    No agenda, just logic and common sense backed up by facts.

    1. Pochettino decides who we buy, Levy doesn't just look at the market and decide who to buy

  2. 'Agenda'? The player wanted out.

    Reporting you to NewsNow again for a misleading headline.

    1. By all means do, there is nothing wrong with the headline at all, indeed 'agenda' doesn't appear in it!!

    2. And NewsNow have removed the headline.

    3. I'm confused. Were NewsNow showing a link with a different headline than that at the top of this piece? From what I can see the headline "In demand Rose staying at Spurs" is perfectly appropriate and descriptive of the piece. What am I missing here?

  3. I used to think that the apparent slipping in standards of journalism were down to a bunch of aspiring journo's working the internet to drive traffic. However this is also down to some of the established press now.

    In case you think this lack of research and lazy journalism is confined to football, there was a very funny example of a press release from a political party being reproduced almost word for word in a lot of the Scottish press. The story was about 50% of ScotRail trains running late.

    The author of the press release had made stupid error which was faithfully reproduced on about 4 front pages of Scottish editions. No research whatsoever.

    So don't be surprised at the amount of fake news relating to Spurs and transfers. Poch is "calm" so am I (but the nerves are fraying).

  4. Its all very well saying

    'Tottenham have no intention of selling any players Mauricio Pochettino wants' but how difficult is it to become one that he doesn't? If all you have to do is engineer a falling out with him (giving an interview to the Sun which is critical of the club is the sort of thing that should just about do it)to get a move away and double your money, it won't take long for players and their agents to work it out.

  5. In which levy has the particular picture will be however have got assured Poch a good substitute, yet similar to items levy claims his / her administrators straight down the particular decades, this individual basically won't supply, most certainly not with time for your new season specifically.

    1. ???

      I read that over twice and still have no idea what you're trying to say. The words are all English but somehow like the order of them has been randomised.



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