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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Imminent striker signing


Tottenham are once again being linked with 22-year-old (23 next July) Argentinian Under-20 international striker Giovanni Simeone.

The son of Atletico Madrid head coach Diego, has scored 10 goals in 12 Under-21 games for his country and was also part of the Olympic team. Last season at Genoa the right-footed forward under contract until 2021 scored 12 goals in 2,616 minutes across 35 Serie A games, that is equivalent to 29.07 full games. He scored in a total of 9 league games and three times hit a brace. he scored 2 goals in the last 15 games.

The Argentinian club sold him to Genoa last summer for £2.69 million (€3m - AUS$4.46m - US$3.56m) but are due a payment if he is sold.

Lucas Ajuria is a journalist and producer in Argentina and he has Tweeted regarding Tottenham buying Simeone.

Today there will be a meeting of the Board of Directors in : several topics will be discussed: 1) Driussi Pass: not yet closed due to a date issue.

Replying to 
2) Imminent sale of Giovanni Simeone to England: will enter money by mechanism of solidarity. Tottenham is in dispute with Fiorentina.

Reports from Italy via TMW say Fiorentina want to take him on loan for £3.59 million (€4m - AUS$5.95m - US$4.74m) with an option to buy set at £14.34 million (€16m - AUS$23.81m - US$18.96m). 

Mind you, I saw another report suggesting the same club had agreed a £17.93 million (€20m - AUS$29.77m - US$23.71m) plus £4.48 million (€5m - AUS$7.44m - US$5.93m) bonuses deal.

Torino have also made an offer for him, £11.65 million (€13m - AUS$19.34m - US$15.41m) plus Serbian Under-21 international midfielder Saša Lukić. They would want him to replace Bellotti if he left.

There are no fees mentioned in any Spurs negotiations, but they would be similar and the report from the Argentinian journalist does suggest a deal with Spurs is imminent. Simeone is a player we have been tracking for a while and were linked with last summer.

He can play anywhere across the front and is known for his work rate, a requirement of Pochettino. Giovanni is a strong, technically gifted No.9 who also defends from the front, another Pochettino requirement. Former River Plate and Banfield (a former club) boss Matias Almeyda believes Simeone can be "the new Patrick Kluivert".

    River Plate
    Argentina Primera Division: 2014 Final
    Copa Sudamericana: 2014
    Recopa Sudamericana: 2015
    Copa Libertadores: 2015

    Argentina U20
    South American Youth Football Championship: 2015

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  1. Not another one with zero experience of the English game. Why not Benteke?

    1. Seriously ? Your knowledge of Spurs and the English PL leads you to believe that Benteke would be a good and plausible signing ?


    2. It might seem an odd choice on first examination, and I would prefer a young, pacey striker too. But when you actually think about it Benteke would give us a completely new style of play from the front. It would have 2 main benefits IMO; allow more aerial crossing from the wing backs and cause major consternation in any defence when Kane went off and they had to completely reform for the new style of threat.
      There is nothing wrong with completely changing your tactics when the time arises - like when your losing the game and Kane is being man-marked out of it.
      So perhaps engage brain first next time? After all Janssen doesn't exactly fit the Spurs method either does he? Benteke would undoubtedly score more goals than Janssen.

    3. "So perhaps engage brain first next time?"
      I'm not sure that's fair comment. Certainly you raise a valid point, but not accepting that at face value doesn't imply thought hasn't been given to his position.

      My response to your suggestion that Benteke may add something to Spurs options is that I believe that that approach to football, where pretty well everything is focused on getting the ball up to the lone front man, is actually something that would reduce our flexibility rather than increase it. Furthermore, it requires a whole different approach from those around him in the team - where we've already selected players for their flexibility and adaptabilty. That would have an overall negative effect on the team in my view. So, considered and rejected is a far cry from not bothering to consider at all.

      I happen to live in the Crystal Palace area but much of my large family are Spurs supporters. Obviously, Benteke has been discussed a fair amount. The concencus being that while he is at Palace he's doing a fair job as they play to his strengths. Naturally almost. He's a good fit. At Spurs it would be another thing entirely. We aren't Palace. Not even close. Palace would want a lot for him. He's a big part of their plans. That all makes sense. Switching across to Spurs - in so many ways - not so much.

      Not that you don't raise a valid question, but I think upon due consideration, that the answer is fairly clear.


  2. Liverpool plays like we do... short passing, intense pressing, and fast recycling of possession... Benteke looked out of sorts there... he did not fit that kind of playing style... he wasn't fast enough on his feet, or sharp enough with his movement and thinking... so I don't think he'll fit in here either... I feel he does not have the footballing flexibility or say intelligence to play the way we usually do...



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