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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Gazzaniga and the Janssen vs King question


With a deal not being able to be reached with Espanyol for third-choice goalkeeper Pau Lopes, Pochettino has turned his attention to a player he has formerly managed, 25-year-old (26 next January) Paulo Gazzaniga, who it is believed could be snapped up for £2 million (€2.21m - AUS$3.31m - US$2.63m).

The Argentinian stopper, who could also play for Italy, has 2 years left on his current contract and gained further playing time last season when he was loaned out to Madrid-based Rayo Vallecano in LaLiga 2. He also has 21 Premier League games under his belt, 20 League 2 games, Copa del rRy and others totalling 127 games in all.

Question: Would you keep Janssen and don't get Josh king or would you sell and get King?

Now that is a very interesting question. Janssen is the first choice Holland striker and clearly has ability but hasn't found his scoring boots at Tottenham, where his hold up play is excellent but where he hasn't managed to carve out his own chances in the way that Harry Kane does.

Josh King has scored goals in the Premier Lague in a different system to ours and would have to learn to adapt his game to our needs. Can he, would he still create chances for himself, would he need a season to adapt?

Nobody knows the answers and none of us know how Janssen is going to improve this season. A tough call, but I'd side at this stage with keeping Janssen by a smidgen perhaps.

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  1. Please get the finger out Levy, strengthen the squad. I'm now getting so desperate that I've even looked at Transfer Tavern!

  2. LOL. That bad huh. I don't envy you your frustration.

    I could urge more faith in our system, but don't want to patronise. Personally I find it warranted. I'm quite relaxed waiting for the season to start and some of the later deals to come in as and when they're ready.

    Bear in mind we have great strength, if not yet great depth, in our squad. I see nothing to panic over yet awhile.


  3. Take a look at our bench yesterday ( Saturday 5th 1 week before kick off ) Adrian and tell us all we don't need at least 3 players and they won't be the slightest bit off good at the end of August.We will be lucky if they are ready before christmas to fit in. We already have injures. The squad is bare bones. 2 Knocks in training this week and we are stumped.

    1. You make a fair point Steve, but consider :
      How well to Kyle Walker-Peters do against top class opposition?
      Lack of squad depth will hit us after we've had a number of weeks to start getting tired.

      We're still playing Sissoko, presumably in an effort to show the wares as it were, but Winks is good cover for Dembele and Georgio is a real find IMHO.

      So, I'm still not ready to panic yet. Maybe we're flying by the seat of our pants to a certain extent, but we did so last year too - even losing Kane for two periods - without going under. That was without Lamela for almost the whole season too.


  4. I guess the academy boys just has to step up... as what Mourinho did for long periods last season with MU cos many seniors players were out injured...

  5. The academy boys have already stepped up Mr T , now we will be pushing the ones up that aren't ready.
    I wrote that last Sunday before I new Tripps had been clobbered and as much as I love to see youngsters brake through we are now at bare bones and the season hasn't started.
    I have no problem with KWP playing Adrian , I remember Chrissy Houghton coming straight in and looking like a silk purse, I love a great fullback , they are often the last part of the puzzle in the making of a great side.

    Only a week to go and in my opinion the transfer window should shut at kick off. A side can be wrecked two weeks after the season stars "madness"


  6. He was good. No question. Still much loved.

    I don't disagree about the window staying open into the season. Very disruptive. Nevertheless, we must, and do, play it for how it is. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if our numbers were bolstered late on this season. They play a tight hand at WHL (or Wembley for now I suppose). You can't play cards when everyone knows your business. We have to respect that and allow them to play the game. That's my opinion anyway.




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