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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Exclusine Alli rubbish, Trippier and spending


The Daily Express are spreading false rumours by starting a fake news story that Barcelona are making a move for Tottenham 21-year-old (22 next April) England midfielder Dele Alli. The Daily Express call it an EXCLUSIVE, it's an exclusive because it is made up!

When it comes to news stories from Spain, the man to turn to is Spanish-based journalist and Spurs fan Andrew Gaffney. His response to the Dele Alli exclusive?

But they haven't though..

Fretting Spurs fans may want to read the following two Tweets from Marc Benamram and trust in Mauricio Pochettino.

Things SOME fans have been wrong about. -Poch joining - Rose - Kane - Son - Wanyama - Needing to spend millions to compete

Uproar as PSG about to sign Neymar for £189m City & United spent £200m more than them since 2014 Haven't finished above in 2 years.

A 2-0 win over Juventus at Wembley in front of 26, 251 people was encouraging after the last pre-season friendly, but that is all these games are, friendlies for fitness levels.

Spurs played some good football without Victor Wanyama, Son Heung-min, Erik Lamela and Danny Rose so it's not all bad, as some would have us believe.

Kieran Trippier left Wembley in a protective boot on his foot, which is standard practice  and not an indication of a bad injury. He twisted his ankle and the boot is simply to immobilise it.

When we play Chelsea in our first Premier League home game we can expect 75,000+ which should make for a fabulous atmosphere.


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  1. i must say Sissocco had a very good 1st half he looked a player at last

  2. Spot on. If only the masses would listen! 😂

  3. I was also impressed. He made a few errors - more than those around him - but far fewer than usual. He also made a few things happen. His shot from outside the box that hit the upright was a good choice and unlucky not to find the net - even after hitting the post. Missed the other post by inches.

    If he could guarantee to play at that level every week, against admittedly weak opposition because Juve weren't a patch on their real selves, I could almost feel happy to keep him. Unfortunately, he's already known as being inconsistent and picking and choosing when to turn up. I suspect he's just being given a chance to be in the shop window. We'll see what happens.


  4. ( just being given a chance to be in the shop window. ) Adrian i had not thought of that your right just hope thats not the case tho

    1. Can I read that to mean you're a fan and you'd like him to stay and cement a place in the team?

    2. I hope he stays. He has power and pace just needs to feel a bit of love and wanted.
      Don't forget these are only young men and it is difficult to be signed as a top singing then to only sit on the bench ( and I do think Poch likes to give you a bit of a knock to show who's the boss ) We keep hearing you win your place at training, well it's a good job we don't have Lineker any more, he was a terible trainer.
      If we lose another player this late we will be in big trouble. I have played in Sunday league sides with bigger squads than Spurs are currently realistically picking from.
      Now the fabed 11 is also looking short unless we get at least two back for next week !

    3. I just find Sissoko rather clumsy on the ball... he breaks up our fluidity and seems out of place... I certainly hope he'll be the central powerhouse box-to-box midfielder in the mould of a Gerrard... but it's not happening as I think he lacks the finesse which our team has in spades now...

  5. I love the Lineker reference Steve :-)

    I can't say I'm entirely convinced Sissoko is the man for the job from what I've seen, but would be happy for him to prove me wrong.




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