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Sunday, 6 August 2017

2 Spurs stars in Europe Top 10 MVP - Top 25 list



Tottenham retain two players in the top ten (Europe Top 10 MVP) of the CIES Football Observatory transfer value rankings this week, Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

An explanation taken from the CIES website tells us that they have undertaken this exercise since 2012 and use a scientific formula that includes 'multiple variables on player performance'. They work by matching historical data on deals and do not include a subjective human element. Since 2013 their accuracy between prediction and actual transfer fee has seen 80% accuracy.

I think you'll agree that is a pretty decent benchmark to place player valuations against. Contract length is taken into account, minutes played, goals scored, age and many other factors. A full explanation can be found here.

Potential Transfer Values Top 12

The values are all in Euros and as you can see Harry Kane in the 6th most valuable player in Europe this week while Dele Alli is the 9th most valuable player.

Europe Top 10 MVP
6th - Harry Kane - £125.61 million (€139.2m - AUS$206.7m - US$163.9m)
9th - Dele Alli -  £99.71 million (€110.5m - AUS$164.08m - US$130.1m)

The figures for numbers 13 to 25 from the Top 5 European Leagues are below.

Gareth Bale has been talked about a lot and he is rated as the 14th moist valuable player in Europe with the press speculating that Real Madrid could use him to raise cash for their top target 18-year-old (19 in December) Kylian Mbappe, who isn't rated in the top 100 players.

Europe Top 25 MVP
14th - Gareth Bale - £75.8 million (€84m - AUS$124.73m - US$98.9m)

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  1. Replies
    1. Good One. Don't agree with your views but had to laugh out loud.

  2. Raheem Sterling 13 most valuable player in Europe, are they having a laugh.

  3. Replies
    1. Not on the list, had one season and the money being talked about him is just plain silly

  4. Clive, this is confusing (especially for the great unwashed).
    I believe that the CIES weekly report entitled ‘New Transfer Values’ supersedes their monthly report from which you have posted this data.
    You’ve have already posted the data from their weekly report so Alli & Kane are valued around the €155m mark (according to CIES).



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