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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

DONE DEAL: Sissoko deal agreed Turkish report suggests


We have tried to flog him to China, Marseille didn't want to pay his wages, nor did Lyon, nor did WBA and now our fingers are crossed that the Turks will cough up the wages he is after. It is unlikely, but then there are tax advantages for millionaires in Turkey if they employ people I believe, so it is possible a deal could be done.

He flew out by private jet and has had talks with Trabzonspur who are a Super Lig side based in the city of Trabzon. They have won 6 Super Lig titles and finished third last season.

It is the Turkish clubs golden anniversary, they were formed in 1967 and a marquee signing may be what they are seeking, even if it is only on loan. The French international and experienced Premier League player. He is seen as a famous star in Turkey write website Gunebakis who report a deal has been agreed.

He met with Trabzonspur President Muharrem Usta in Istanbul are reached agreement with him and his agent Özkan Doğan, who brokered a deal with Spurs for a one-year loan, over personal terms.

I believe Trabzonspur are paying a £5.36 million (€6m - AUS$8.89m - US$7.09m) loan fee. We refused to accept less as we have to pay Newcastle United an annual amount for every year he is on our books.

Naturally, we don't want to be out of pocket and this way his 'annual transfer fee' payment is covered. If we sell him next summer then we won't have to pay any more for him, the annual fee is only payable if he remains a Spurs player.

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  1. Why do you keep keep saying that we don't have to pay newcastle any more if we sell sissoko. Ashley is a businessman not a mug. What you're saying is if we sold sissoko for 15 mil this window then newcastle would have only had 6 million total for him while we get to make a profit from this ridiculous loophole. No chance. More likely we have to pay 6 mil per year for 5 years which is the length of the contract he signed.

    1. Exactly, spot on!

      These are the same people who "understand business"

      And tell everyone else they're too thick to have an opinion.

    2. I have to say I usually agree with what he writes but I certainly agree there is more to the contract than we know. I do believe the £6m a year contract, it came from too many places, however, there must be a caveat of extra payments or sell on fees.

      Also, "And tell everyone else they're too thick to have an opinion." this is spot on. Which is a shame, because without his know it all tone (although I think he has a more balanced view than most, he certainly doesn't know it all - despite telling us all the coaching he has done) is really off-putting sometimes.

    3. spot on mark ,,if you take something you bought back to sportsdirect shop you get a credit note for the same value to spend in the shop NOT your money back that's how mike Ashley runs Newcastle united so if things don't work out have the toon got a credit note on spurs then

  2. whether spurs sell sissoko for 6mil or 60mil they stil have to pay Newcastle the full amount of 30mil, Newcastle uniteds policy of buying players is full asking price up front hence the trying to get on the cheap,selling policy is every team pays in instalments so as that money comes in each year even if Newcastle get relegated they still get money through the books its common knowledge on Tyneside that's why there fans get the hump with mike Ashley for not buying big

    1. Wrong, set figure per year that if he stays adds up to £30m, if he doesn't it isn't £30m, that was the deal agreed as revealed in the press.

    2. Clive, you constantly slate the press for their BS - stop picking and choosing which bits you believe based on which back up your original POV.

      The press say a lot of things and although there may be some truth, I think you must be able to see what everyone else sees that there has to be more to it.

      I don't know if you watch the US Office, there's a character that starts a lot of what he says with "wrong" before he then goes on to correct people - the reason that's funny is because he's such a twat for doing it - maybe respect other people thinking differently to you and this great site would be even better

    3. so clive you think levy is better than mike Ashley at figures well the toon got relegated and still made more money than spurs for a team like the toon they have made profit 5 years on the trot and won sod all that's how you make money clive have you got it clive take the rose tinted specs of clive

  3. Whichever way you look at it, another massive levy ball's up. Beats me why people think he's so good at transfers. Yes he buys some players cheap, but they're usually cheap for a reason. God only knows what he was thinking in the little bald cranium when he got well and truly shafted by Ashley.

    1. Sissoko will have course been on Pochettino list of players given to Levy and the transfer committee.

    2. hmmmm, why do people think Levy is good at transfers? Erkisen, Wanyama, Toby, Dele in for £43m. Walker out for £50m.

      Hmmm, I wonder?

      No club has ever only signed players that worked out. Even clubs with unlimited budgets - thew fact Levy mainly gets it right working in a much harder market is pretty fucking incredible.

      Look at the team we've built. WTF has to happen to our club before people start to trust and believe?

    3. Start winning Trophies?


    To quote Alex Ferguson "it's got Levys fingerprints all over it"

    Another monumental nalls up from the guy that can do not wrong.

    Where are the Enic police defending this one?
    As pointed out above the ridiculous covering it up because of how the payments are made from these supposed "we understand business" brigade.

    Where are you all on this 1????

    1. All bluster an no substance calling for more bluster!

    2. Can't answer can you Clive?

    3. Do you mean answer or respond?

      Clearly there's a response. An answer would be extraordinarily difficult as the question(s) make no sense. It's tedious to itemise as each question is already very publicly answered already, or too fatuous even to consider. Let's see what we can do anyway :

      Spurs signed the clown. Responsibility would ultimately be shared between DL & MP.
      "Where are the Enic police defending this one?"
      The Enic police are all abed ignoring this tirade, I suspect. Then I haven't been smoking so ...
      "Where are you all on this 1????"
      Where we all were publicly from the start. This is a trade that bears very little risk for Spurs. Ashley knew how expensive Sissoko's wages were and was forced into a corner late in the day. This has all been stated many times and publicly.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The details were revealed by the Evening Standard. Daniel Levy is a businessman who is running Spurs a whole lot better than Ashley is running Newcastle.

      A lump sum then annual instalments for the length of his contract, but only if he remains a Spurs player. No chance of a flat out £30m which, as I say, has been reported to be wrong.

    2. So you sell a car and agree the payments in 5 installments, the buyer takes the car pays 1 installment doesn't like it after a month and sells it.
      The buyer no longer has to give you the other 4 payments and keeps the money they sell the car for.

      And we don't understand how business works?

  6. Oh dear me, the great unwashed are at it again.
    Firstly the Evening Standard piece was written by Tom Collomosse who has a good relationship with THFC (even Harry Hotspur admits to that).
    Yes of course NUFC will receive £30m for Sissoko but Collomosse understands the deal was compartmentalised into 5 annual payments of £6m.
    So we have paid NUFC £6m for his first season.
    Now if we were to sell him tomorrow for £24m then, as part of the agreement with his new club, that £24m will be paid to NUFC (I assume again in instalments) by them and not THFC.
    Should we sell him for less than £24m then THFC will be responsible for paying the difference to NUFC.
    Got it now?

    1. Wasn't it possible for you to explain that without insulting everyone? I understand what you are saying but that is not at all how Clive put it.
      As you have put it we still pay 30 million to newcastle which was my entire point to Clive, we don't get away without paying the full 30 million

    2. My insults are directed towards the inane comments from all the 'anons' & 'unknowns' on this blog and therefore not you Mark but nevertheless I apologise if I've upset any sensitive souls.

    3. Yes we do Mark, that is the deal we have negotiated. If we sell him we do not pay £30m. It is a bit like a fee plus add-ons, but in this case the add-ons are an annual payment each year, if there is no year, then there is no add-on and it isn't payable. It has not been arranged as a flat £30m fee.

    4. @Hibberni.
      I believe you're mistaken about any responsibility of a buying club to cover the shortfall from the £30Mil. Would you have a link to support that part? What I've seen doesn't include that. When I looked (many moons ago) the concensus of what I read supported Clive's stance which, specifically, indicated anything beyond the time we had him AND USED HIM for, was written off.

      As I understand it, it was always a risk for NUFC. However, it took his wages off their books which was what they were desparate to do at the time. Anything more was a bonus.

      However, I'm only going on research of what was available at the time, and we both know a lot of ordure gets written by a bunch of people who struggle for the first clue.


  7. so I take it clive you are mr inside on spurs then we bought sissoko for 30mil and we must pay the toon 30mil regardless of any sale afterwards what part are you not getting clive ,,,its 80 pence for can of pop if I only drink half of that pop can I take it back for my 40 pence difference clive ,,,I will try that ,,the press do tell the odd porkie to sell fish and chip wrapper clive

    1. I'm getting that we do not have to pay £30m, that is a total figure if he stays for 5 years, if he stays for less it is a reduced figure. I get it perfectly, it isn't a standard loan agreement where you have to pay back a certain figure, it's different from what you are trying to discribe.

      There were many unusual transfer arrangements last summer and this was another innovative one from Daniel Levy and one that made sense for Spurs.

      Talk to the Evening Standard and discuss it with them.

  8. What I don't get is why, assuming for the moment that the deal is as Clive presents, so many people try to find Clive responsible for this deal when he simply reported it. What he's reported, consistently, is only the same as many other sources have also reported.

    It's a little like enemy combatants aiming for the war correspondent. Makes no sense to me.




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