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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bale the one commercially viable player we could buy


Brazilian Neymar going to PSG will mean an increase in commercial revenue for the French club, he is a marketing asset, which makes one wonder about another marketing asset, Welshman Gareth Bale.

Real Madrid it seems really want 18-year-old (19 in December) French international Kylian Mbappé and he wants them. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City it seems don't interest him and why would they when one of the two Spanish giants come a calling.

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It is reported that Real Madrid will have to raise the transfer money and that one of their strikers will have to leave. While Bale doesn't want to leave, he has only managed 20-odd games each of the past two seasons because of injuries. The view of the Spanish press is that 28-year-old (29 next July) Bale could raise £90.37 million (€100m - AUS$149.43m - US$118.84m).

He signed a new contract in October that tied him to Madrid until 2022 but the CIES Football Observatory give his current transfer value in this market as £56.04 million (€62m - AUS$672.46m - US$73.68m).

According to the Sun newspaper he has a £450 million release clause, although they were probably just being lazy and meant euros, £406.76 million (€450m - AUS$92.62m - US$534.37m), if not then his release clause would be 500 euros, £451.77 million (€500m - AUS$747.17m - US$593.74m).

Spurs have first refusal on him so have to be informed of any offers accepted for him and given the chance to match it. He is a genuine superstar, one player we could pay more than anyone else and recoup through increased commercial revenue.

Daily Mail article from 2014: Bale to earn £2.5m from Far East jolly (one week trip)

He has the commercial global appeal than only a handful of players have and if his contract were tied in with marketing efforts and some of his income were for off the field marketing promotion of the club. They can't get enough of him in Asia.

CIES Bale ratings: 1009 minutes in 14 matches from 2/10/2016 to 23/04/2017

He isn't going to happen, but he is the one world class player we could buy who would pay for himself, the rest we would have to pay for.

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  1. I know Gareth is a great example of a player who took the responsibility of enthusing himself but would that still be the case? How would we encourage him to play at the top of his form if he returned?

    I certainly wouldn't complain if he returned but would it be a wise investment?

    I'm happy to have the comfort of being able to leave such decisions to wiser heads.


  2. Why do people keep writing this horseshit?

    1. Because the Club have been asleep all summer so there's nothing to talk or get excited about.
      2nd was the peak of it all.

    2. Why do so many people read stuff they think is horseshit? That's a study in itself.


    3. You don't know it's horseshit until you've read it.

  3. Hi Spursies, could someone tell me this as Tottenham could not - Why can't individual player's wages be supported by sponsors, for example Harry gets paid 100,00 by Spurs and this is matched by joe bloggs inc so on his shirt now reads kane bloggs. This does have a problem when you get to Sussoko, the donkey sanctuary is a bit big for one shirt!

    1. Because the club's sponsor wouldn't want to share their advertising space (the shirt) with anyone else.

      You're welcome

    2. Very literal Danny, but I'm the last one to complain on that score. And you're comments are always nicely written and well punctuated, which is an oasis for me.

      I suspect our friend was simply setting up the dig at Sissoko.


  4. Bale doesn't have the commercial value to Spurs Harry Kane has. We will be fast asleep for another 30 years if we don't release this. England captain, premier league top goal scoring supper star, as clean cut and marketable as Prince William. Every adds mans dream. We should be using this to attract top players ( you could be playing with Harry Kane ) Not selling them to City under the pretext they needed a new challenge. 50 mill to us but worth another 200 mill to city if they win the league. 1 step forward 2 steps back

    1. Alvaro Morata did not want to compete with Kane as he felt that he would never be preferred over Kane...

    2. That's not really what I'm saying Mr Teo. I'm not after players to challenge Kane and I wouldn't fancy being brought in just as cover but as a talented player I would like to play in the same side as him and quite a lot of our other boys. Who wouldn't want to play in that team.

  5. I suspect when Clive talks about commercial value he's referring to actual money made by selling items like kits etc, rather than how you correctly refer to Kane's pull in the game with other players. Unfortunately, as we've seen, that's also a big put-off for other potential strikers. No-one, but no-one, would expect to get much playing time with him to compete with for a position.

    Commercial value's all quite measurable and Bale is a superstar in that area, along with Ronaldo and only one or two others. The money they generate across the whole world is quite extraordinary.

    I suspect Kane will get there eventually.




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