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Saturday, 19 August 2017

A win and a signing

Newcastle United 0 SPURS 2

Hello once again. I'm back from Slovakia (Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (Brno), two places that I can highly recommend anyone travelling to. Both are beautiful cities and the people in the Czech republic extremely helpful.

A shop keeper shut her shop and went into several shops finding someone who could tell us where to get a taxi from. She didn't speak a word of English, all the younger generation do and were only too pleased to help. A beer was £1.33 and a 12" Magaretta pizza £4 in Brno. A couple of beers in Bratislava and an apple juice was about 6 euros.

After a three-hour delay it was half past midnight before the key was in the door and I have now watched a replay of the opening Newcastle United victory, a satisfactory start to the season. Kyle Walker-Peters had a reasonable game, he did look vulnerable when someone cut inside him, but all in all a good debut Premier League game for him.

Two assists from Eriksen, the first a beautiful pick out of Dele Alli's run, before Davies tucked away for the second. A win was all we needed from the opening day and that is duly what we got, unlike Chelsea or Liverpool, who had both spent the money some are clamouring for.

Kevin Wimmer looks like departing to WBA for £15 million I see, not a bad fee for a player who hardly ever plays so a replacement will have to come in.

We have signed 21-year-old (22 next June) Colombian centre-back Davinson Sánchez from Ajax for a reported £42 million. The fact that we have given him a 6-year deal suggests we rate hi very highly.

"I am very excited to be signing for such a famous club as Tottenham Hotspur. I am looking forward to working with [manager] Mauricio Pochettino and the players and meeting everyone there."

Juan Foyth, as we know, is a highly promising young Argentinian centre-back who also wants to come to Tottenham and refused to sign for PSG, despite his club Estudiantes de La Plata and the French club reaching agreement on a fee.

If he completed his move we would have Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Dier, Sanchez, Carter-Vickers and Foyth. That allows for rotation and for Dier to rotate with Wanyama. Next up some attacking options perhaps.

A full replay of each half from NBC - Newcastle United vs Spurs



  1. I would go further on KWP. I thought he had a tremendous debut. Maybe I missed what you saw. I saw no-one get anything past him as well as his offering support and threat going forwards.

    Otherwise a competent game. We were lucky that Newcastle had so many unfortunate issues, even if the sending off was entirely of their own making.

    Tomorrow Chelsea at Wembley. It will undoubtedly be a tough game but we're lucky (again) to catch them with their pants down to a large extent, after they had two key players sent off last week.

    It's worth pointing out how gratified I felt to see a referee do his job without fear or favour even at Stamford Bridge. In my estimation it's very rare that either one of those players would have got their just deserts - particularly in their own back yard. Just think back to the game against Spurs two seasons ago. A far different result if their players had been disciplined as required by the rules on that day.

    Tomorrow's another day. We have to stand up to them and outplay them. Even without a number of players they can play good football when they choose to. We have to, and can, play better.


    1. Happy with his debut and Man of the Match shows he did well. I was just casting a critical eye to see where he could improve his game and felt a top attacker would beat him either cutting back inside on his left side or indeed going round on his stronger right side. There were signs there in the first quarter of the game especially.

      We can be pleased with his PL debut but we must also remember this was a newly promoted side. praise yes, but also context.

    2. Can't disagree with that. My comment wasn't intended as argument. Just what I took from the game.

  2. Bon retour Clive,
    I’ve been fortunate to make business trips to Prague & Bratislava… I agree wonderful people, especially the Czechs.
    Why wasn’t Davinson on our radar..Ajax picked him up for €5.0m last year.
    Off course I hope he becomes a top defender but, even though our initial payment is (only!) €28m, we have paid a big premium for this guy…we shall see…

    1. I'll certainly be going back to both and take my daughter to Brno. Prague is now on the list and I agree the Czech's were wonderful people. You spot the difference in the way people dress instantly when you return.



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