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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Why the issue with selling one player? Trippier crates more chances than Walker.


Successful people see opportunity everywhere, failures don't, their scotomas only allow them to see failure.

Looking forward, I don't see an issue with the sale of Walker.

There is no doubt that Kieran Trippier is a better crosser of a ball than Kyle Walker, some of his first time balls on the volley are world class. His first time ball for England was right out of the top drawer and something Walker struggles with.

Kyle Walker 27-year-old (28 next May) 6 assists in 3,107 minutes
Kieran Trippier 26-year-old (27 in September) 7 assists in 1,464 minutes

Kyle Walker creates a Premier League chance every 69.49 minutes
Kieran Trippier creates a Premier League chance every 48.83 minutes

There is no comparison is there, if we look just at the Premier League, Walker had 6 assists in 2,704 minutes and Trippier had 5 in 564 minutes. Again no comparison. With Trippier playing, now an England international of course, we have a greater threat from the right, the statistics prove it.

Trippier has developed under Pochettino and is a ready made replacement for Walker who will fetch around £50 million (€56.99m - AUS$84.68m - US$65.12m), which is then available for player acquisitions. We will, naturally, bring in an understudy for Trippier with Kyle Walker-Peters getting game time in the League Cup.

The full-back today is primarily an attacker and secondly a defender, some are still stuck in the past though and haven't moved their perceptions with the times and the changing face of football.

The team is being kept together, just one player of note leaving with a replacement already having signed a contract extension.

A stadium has to be paid to, everyone is aware of that, or at least they should be and we finished second in the table cutting our cloth to match our situation.

Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League three times on the trot and they don't buy superstars, they re-invent their team each season, buying players effectively in the transfer market, not throwing money at a problem.

Monaco have a buy low, improve and sell business model, they made the UEFA Champions League semi-final lass season and won the French league title. Did both these sides achieve what they have with a negative doom and gloom outlook?

No, they were open minded enough to see opportunity and to stick to a business model they thought could work for them, the same as we are doing at Tottenham. Both sides sell players, why is it so distressing to some we may sell the odd player we can replace?

Did people seriously believe we would never sell a player? Is there any proof we would be a lesser team without Kyle Walker? No. We have seen Pochettino improve all our full-backs so why can't he improve another? We have seen him convert Dier to a defensive midfielder, a right-back and centre-back.

The anti-Spurs writers should have a little more faith in Pochettino, I make no apologies for backing him and believe you all should be too.

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  1. Been backing him for years. Best chairman in the premier league by a country mile. Walker wouldn't be sold without MP's approval so if he goes that's fine by me

    1. The only reason you say that is because you never hear about any of the other chairman in the PL much do you? They all leave the footballing side of things to their managers/coaches - which is how it should be. Levy is an egocentric.

    2. We are Lucky to have Levy. Tottenham fan from Young age. Good in negotiations. Have a plan (!) - New facilities and stadium (world class), still British owned (not US or Oil owned).

      He wants what best for Spurs. There is a ship going steady in the water. You see it in the horizon. In a few years you ll se how big it is.

    3. Well that simply isn't true. WE are not interested in other clubs and don't see what is in the press about them, there is very little about Levy to be fare. If you read a bunch of Tottenham news websites then obviously you are going to hear more about Levy. That is common sense, not a chairman's ego.

  2. Missing the point completely. Trippier is neither strong enough or fast enough to be a top defender. He looks good because he plays against all the lesser teams. Walker is wanted by a top team. You never sell to a competitor. If Tottenham want to be a top club they should not sell Walker. Naive article at best

    1. Walkers pace has got him out of trouble for years. Trippier is by far the better option next season I think. The fact that Poch started trips over him against arse Chelsea and utd says it all. If MP thinks he is the better option and that walker is expendable then that will do for me.

  3. We are forgetting the previous six years before trips turned up, walker was average at best. The last two years has seen him step up his game but we have better ball retention and chances when trips plays.
    MP knows it and so do the other players, if Eriksson, Rose, Toby or whoever else was sold, I think there would be a huge player and fan backlash.
    There won't be, because most fans know that crosses will be coming in earlier, rushes to the byline won't be wasted and MP can be trusted to either bring in a new replacement or coach Kyle Walker Peters for the backup role. He is 20, a youth world cup winner and maybe ready for that step up.

    1. Walker has been better under poch. All of them have. There was a reason Poch took all of his staff With him from Southampton. They are really good and Professional. Poch made an eXample towards the end of the season by giving Trippier gametime. The result was that both Walks and Trippier was called up to the nationals. Trippier is extremely good for crossers, Walker is defenately NOT.
      Walks are better at defending at present, but not by much. Trippier will step up.
      We are also IN DEPTH - so we need to sell some players here and there in the years to come as well. Selling Walker seems like good business to me

  4. Best idea for the moaning Spurs fans is to make a list of your current favourite/best players in our squad.

    No doubt it'll be something like Kane, Dele, Alderweild, Lloris, Rose etc etc etc

    Now look at where Walker (a player we all like) figures on your list, i'm guessing around 9th or even further down.

    Now understand that you are moaning about a possible transfer that is going to make the club something close to £50 million for a player who you've just admitted doesn't figure anywhere near the top of your list of our best players !!! I'd rather everyone stayed tbh, including Walker,but i can fully understand the logic behind selling one 'lesser' player at a time when his value is at an absolute peak.

    1. An excellent way of looking at it, a good point to make. Perhaps an interesting exercise I'll have a go at and see what happens, look out for an article.

  5. At the end of the day we shouldn't be strengthening a direct rival, that's my main problem with this. Walker is better than Tripps as the moment as an all round RB. It's not just about crossing is it?

  6. It's not just the player, it's the precedent. Can't have City thinking they can get their friends in the media do a bit of targeted unsettling during the season and then waltz up in July and buy our prized assets - season after season.That is what they did to Arsenal when they first got their oil money and it certainly had a negative impact on them.

    Keep him or rinse City so bad that they bleed from every orifice and sweat at the thought of poaching another one of our players. It goes way beyond whether Walker is replaceable.

  7. one point largely missed is that Walker's strength is his speed and lungbusting power. that works best in a back 4. Trippier is much stronger going forward. His defensive weaknesses are minimized in a back 3 where there is more cover. we polay mostly a back 3, so Walker's assts ar largely wasted.

    Two further points. Walker still makes at least one bone headed play per game. not sure you win the league with that. he lso relies on speed and strength to get him out of jams caused by mental switchoff or bad positinoing (and his speed and strength do do that)

    and 2 years ago Danny Rose was a defensive liability. I didnt think he would ever be a good enough fullback. How wrong was that... which illustrates how good Poch is at improving players. Trip' defense will get better, and in a back 3 it's already good enough

  8. The extra yard, sorry two yards of pace that Walker has makes him a bigger threat,particularly on the break, and gets him out of trouble at the back. Full backs often struggle in the first 20 minutes of a game, while they adjust to the pace, tricks and movement of their opponent. This is particularly true of Trippier, who often looks all at sea for the first 20 minutes. If you're playing someone like Stirling, it could be game over. Also those assist stats for Trippier include two assists in both the games away to Watford and Hull, which we won by an 11-2 aggregate. Is that our yardstick for success. Ppllllease! Also somebody recently coined the phrase "don't feed the crocodile, as they will come back for more" In this context that simply encourages Manure, Citeh and Cheatski to come back for Dele, Kane, Toby etc. (sorry I think that crocodile quote was from someone in the DUP!! Apologies!!!

  9. Some very interesting comments. I'll add a "Hear hear" to those by Hubba Bubba & SP SP particularly.

    From my perspective I believe Walker's pace is a big bonus. The stats don't illustrate this enough IMO. It used to be mainly used for getting him out of trouble, but those days are largely gone after MP has brought him on. I believe he's shown great character and is a positive personality in the team.

    Not that I fail to see how good Trippier is and is becoming. For me weaker in the defensive and pushing forward areas, but very hot on the crosses which is why he does so well in the quoted stats. That's a good thing. He's actually tremendous at that side of the game. One of the very best.

    Do we benefit from selling an asset at this stage? I honestly can't say I know the definitive answer to that. I hope we can make money selling lesser players and keep hold of the pair of them for a few more seasons. I'd suggest either could be transferred to any other Premiership club and get picked every week without question. I think we need that sort of coverage to win the league. We have always had very strong teams in this league and we have few enough advantages. Let Shitty struggle to find an alternative. Defense is their weakness. Walker could fix that almost single-handedly.

    I don't want to see him go. Am I right to think that way? I can't be absolutely sure if I'm honest. What I do know though, is that the club's in very good hands ATM and whatever decision they make is likely to take us forward one way or another.


  10. I'm not sure how Walker can single-handedly fix City's defence... it's a team game... he's fast and strong but he isn't the cleverest defender... and you just need to be clever and really aware to win on the Continent... Trips looks a more complete package...

    1. I don't agree Trips is the more complete package, but both are very good so I won't waste energy arguing that one.

      As far as what KW would bring to Shitty's defense I would say :
      Pace, obviously.
      The mind of a leader with experience of working in a well-drilled defense.

      Let's not forget they're already not the worst in the world. I won't compare him to Kompany in that respect, but look at the difference VK makes when he plays. Even though he's well past his best. I believe KW could make a big difference to their confidence and performance under pressure.

      You're right in that he's no magic wand, but he could certainly push them along to higher levels than now - and I don't see that as being in our interest.




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