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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What was your view on the Spurs 2 Referee 3 game?


Were you impressed with the referee last night? Was the Cameron Carter-Vickers handball a penalty? Those decisions can go for or against you, this time it was against, but for me when you make a decision like that you have to be even more consistent in your decision making, if that is possible, to ensure you are not accused of favouritism.

You decide something isn't a penalty, then you go to the half-way line to get the ball so you can award one, even the Roma players didn't know what was going on.

If you haven't seen the game yet, then the firsst-half video, the second-half video and the highlights video links can be found by clicking the link below.
Spurs vs Roma Full Match and Highlights

Having spent almost 5 years living in New Jersey, the most corrupt state in the USA, and, given the size of the Italian population living there that referee’s decisions come as no surprise…’nuff said.

The Kane penalty incident was so blatant it was untrue and the referee was well placed to see it, right behind the action. Kane got there first and ex-Tottenham defender Fazio put his leg across him to stop him. A clear and definite penalty.

Then we had Pochettino sent to the stands, then we didn't, then we did, then we didn't. There seemed to be total confusion as he lost a grip he never had on the game. I think he thought the crowd was there to watch him and he was one of the stars.

I am always concerned when a referee makes dramatic gestures when issuing a free kick. Legs apart, body lent forward, arm outstretched, he held the pose early in the game when issuing a free-kick to Spurs outside the Roma box. It was a statement I'm in charge, a statement to the crowd, a statement of an ego, a statement of trouble to come.

Just like inexperienced players have to learn from their experiences or players playing against better opponents from many divisions above learn, so a referee officiating against two better teams than he is used to and a different level of ability, not least when they want to commit a foul, also has to learn.

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Blinking American referee that probably knows more about baseball than proper football. Joke! Despicable!

I'm not anti , but it won't be able to call itself a 'top' league until it raises refereeing standards. This guy is crap

The ref has his mortgage on Roma winning this friendly

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  2. I don't have a problem with the penalty, the problem is the rule, if the ball hits the hand it should be a foul, the rule should be hard and fast then there's no inconsistency!

  3. Obvious then living in an area with a lot of Italians, the referee was concerned he might find his favourite horses head in bed with him or get swimming lessons with the fish.
    Officials like him should be taken off the referring list for being to stupid to underdtand the fules

  4. As you know Clive, this is an area of particular interest to me. We cannot afford for the club to get too embroiled in focusing on the ref decisions as it takes away that element of feeling responsible for the game. Nevertheless from an outsider's perspective I believe this is an aspect of the game that needs a great deal of attention. Particularly, as is so often the case, when Spurs tend to suffer outrageously from the balance of these mistakes.

    The ref, unusually, started off with a booking of one of the Roma players that I felt was not a foul. Thereafter, there were many that were. Cynical challenges that are often referred to as 'Taking one for the team' were sometimes entirely ignored and on all other occasions simply drew a foul. No wonder Roma continued to deny us that way so often. This wasn't simply a refusal to follow the rules as laid down though, as one coming together, which actually wasn't even a foul, resulted in a Spurs player booked for just the reason so many of the Roma players SHOULD have been.

    Getting to the nitty-gritty though - those decisions that affected the score directly - we have three major decisions that all went against Spurs.

    First was the handball penalty. Now almost everyone misconstrues this law. A handball doesn't have to result from a hand moving consciously to the ball. It can also result from the ball being played onto the hand (or arm) when that hand is positioned unnaturally to block passage of the ball. That was not the case when it hit Carter-Vickers' arm. It WAS slightly away from his body, but only slightly. Not more than is natural when running normally. Furthermore, it was in such a position as to make it all but impossible to move it away once the ball was seen. There's no question that referees do get such decisions wrong from time to time. Refereeing is no easy job. However, while it's perfectly appropriate for him to request information from either of his assistant referees (Linesmen), I believe he actually asked for help from the fourth official, whose remit is absolutely NOT to judge the game itself. This is a bad mistake from the referee, but the least bad of the three to help Roma's score.

    Second was the penalty which should have been awarded when Kane was taken out after the ball had gone by Fazio. This wasn't remotely a close call. If you've seen it you'll wonder how it's possible any adult that knows anything about football would give anything but a penalty and a red card. Maybe, considering it's a friendly, the red might have been commuted to a yellow. This is even after the rule change of last season. There was nothing about the challenge that was anything but cynical. The ball was long gone. That was exactly the type of challenge that the rule makers allowed for when they made the amendment, to ensure players didn't get away with such cynical behaviour simply due to the change of that rule.

    Third was their third goal. There was no way the striker would have scored that goal without cynically removing the defender who had him more than capably covered. I believe that was Jan Vertonghen, but there were no comments on it at all so couldn't check. Once the defender had been upended in the box, with arms flailing from the twist applied by the attacker, in full view of everyone, then the striker had only the keeper to beat.

    Winning football games is never hard when you're allowed to play without constraint of the rules. Roma were barely ordinary on the day, and would have been soundly thrashed with a half-decent referee. 3-1 at least, but I suspect by a lot more if the game had played out as it should have.



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