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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wages dictating Spurs transfer window


Tottenham signings by July 20th: 2017 - 0 (£0) 2016 - 2 (£28m) 2015 - 3 (£19.3m) 2014 - 0 (£0m) 2013 - 2 (£24m) 2012 - 2 (£17.5m)

We may have sold four players but three of them didn't play for us so although we have money from their transfers we don't have their wages released from the wage bill, that had already happened.

Our wages to income ratio is where it should be and is in line with UEFA guidelines on club financial management. To buy we have to pay wages and thus we need to free up wages, which means selling a player like Moussa Sissoko, preferably as fast as possible.

The Ross Barkley surgery, not a fake injury then, means there is no rush to sign him and we'll be waiting until late in the window I expect to put pressure on Everton who will have to sell at a lower price or lose him for free in a year, not an option they have said they will entertain.

When players agents hear a Premier League team is interested their wage demands go through the roof, which isn't something we can entertain at the moment. We have to get the stadium built and increase our commercial income so we can increase our wage bill, unfortunately that is a little way off yet.

We are growing and we are seeing the importance of the time we spent looking for the right coach/manager, one who could actually improve players rather than just put them together into a team. Pochettino is no fool, he knows our financial situation and he knows our transfer activity has to fit within our financial constraints and wage structure.

As I have pointed out before and as has been repeated on Spurs Community, reportedly from someone highly influential in the Premier League, we can't bust our wage structure for one player as they will all want wage increases, which we can not afford.

You talk to anti-levy folk on Twitter and they can't seem to grasp this, they can't grap money doesn't grow on trees, they can't grasp we have to increase revenue before we can spend, they don't understand gambling with the clubs future isn't an option.

Joe Lewis is a billionaire, but it is his money, not ours and he can't spend it on players and wages anyway, Financial Fair Play and the Premier League rules prevent that and restrict what can be done. Increasing wages when you don't increase revenue is a slippery slope.

Leeds United didn't qualify for the UEFA Champions League and couldn't afford the wages they were paying so had to sell players and look what happened to them. QPR did it, Blackpool did it, Newcastle United are the 7th richest club in the country, yet have only just returned from relegation. Would you rather Spurs be run as we are or as Newcastle United are run or as Leeds United were run?

We all ant trophies and we all want them now, but we have a strategy to continue to grow the club to produce regular trophies and we must stick to that strategy, which means developing our own talent and picking up young talent that doesn't cost the earth.

The doom and gloom merchants do Pochettino a disservice suggesting he will be going in 2 years time and it's rather disloyal to a club you support to promote such opinions, which aren't based on any facts, just opinions about a guy they know nothing about. It's a losing mentality and as you all know by now, not a mentality that produces success.

having researched the guy as soon as he was appointed, he is a very loyal man. he left Southampton because they wouldn't conform to him that his team wouldn't be sold. He has had that assurance at Spurs and it was he who decided Kyle walker could leave, a decision we saw he had made when he promoted Kieran Trippier to first choice right-back towards the end of last season.

i believe we will win atrophy soon and I'm sure Pochettino will be here for years to come, he won't be getting this opportunity at another club, a chance to build us to the elite level as our income grows.

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  1. 100% spot on! As much as I would love to see a marquee signing I am realistic to our unique situation. And tbh it's going to be hard to improve our 1st team. COYS!!!

  2. So true, yet so many bloggers( harry hotspur) keep spouting pure dog poo

  3. Spot on, my own humble opinion that we need two class players to kick on BUT our wage restrictions mean that we cannot go and buy the best, will not pay inflated prices and hence what is the alternative. DO what we are good at. spot a bargain, buy young for the future or bring in home grown talent. The strength of our squad is young kids on the block with a few wrinklies to bring them into the real world. To maintain and improve is a very fine line and I hate the Manure/Chelski attitude of just getting the cheque book out. It is about time the powers to be set a max transfer budget for all and a max wage. You all may shout but we want to see the best players but ask yourself did Pogba turn you on?
    Happy days Bob

  4. Yeah we've had a net spend of 1mil in 5 years we've recouped 475 + mil premier league prize money alone in that time.
    TV money has never been so big, competitions have never paid so much, more merchandise is being sold than ever, sponsorship deals have never been so much etc
    And even with paying to use Wemblew the match day revenue will double during our time there.
    Where on earth are the club supposed to find the money to buy players and pay better wages?
    Soo many fans want cling their hopes to this stadium build but it's quite obvious this stadium and all its corporate add ons etc are just a larger money making model on a bigger scale.
    Not for a dominant successful trophy winning side just a larger cash cow for Enic Levy & Lewis.
    Cry me a river we've got no money !



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