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Sunday, 30 July 2017

VIDEO: Spurs vs Man City Highlights and Full game

SPURS vs Man City

A record-breaking supporters' evening last night as 1780 fans turned out to meet in Nashville! 🙌 🇺🇸

Manchester City were certainly up for the game and had 11 chances in the first half against our own 3 and 7 of their chances resulted in a shot on target. Hugo Lloris was certainly the busier of the two goalkeepers.

They scored after 9 minutes from a deflected free-kick that centre-back John Stones headed into the net. He should never have been allowed to do so, it was rather slack defending and right on half time City should have made it two when they missed an open goal.

Dele Alli had the first chance for us that was smothered by their new goalkeeper signed form Benfica, who also had to claw away a Christian Eriksen free-kick that was heading into the top corner. Shortly before half-time Harry Kane was played through and should have scored but instead of lifting the ball over the keeper into an empty net, he put his foot through it and it sailed over the bar.

You can watch the highlight or the full game split i to the two halves in HD at the following link.

Spurs vs Man City

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  1. Hideous and embarrassing to watch TBH. Levy's recent weirdness and Poch's embarrassment and confusion over it, has undoubtedly affected the morale of the entire team.
    The daft memo sent to the players to talk up our lack of transfer activity (worse it has weakened the team), has likely made a few of them think. I expect this team to start slowly disintegrating over the next 2 seasons unless it is built on right now.
    Levy is one big U-turn, he says something one minute which he knows the fans will want to hear, and then when it looks like enic will have to part with serious cash to achieve it, or just to compete, he retracts it and says something completely different.
    Levy is the master of smoke and mirrors, which is just as well as he's useless as a chairman as far as the big-spending fans go. Sad really because this team doesn't need an awful lot added to it to become champions.
    I believe many dreams were exploded when it became clear that levy was happy to sell one of our top 4 defenders to a direct rival. Says it all really.

    1. Nonsense. Don't be so hysterical. We will buy in some players, we just cant afford to waste money.

    2. Why would we care what the idiot 'big spending' fans think? They're out of date and need to grow a pair.

      And let's face it, it was a warm-up game. Certainly we wanted to win and show some good football but bear in mind we were up against one of the richest clubs on the planet. That's not always the whole story but Pep's no slouch as a manager either.

      We weren't devoid of threat ourselves, even if we relied quite heavily on their poor finishing, in the first half particularly.

      Being a warm-up game though, we blooded a number of youngsters which wouldn't have happened in the league.

      So, doom and gloom if you have to, but don't expect the grown-ups to follow your lead.


    3. "I believe many dreams were exploded when it became clear that levy was happy to sell one of our top 4 defenders to a direct rival. Says it all really."

      I have some sympathy with that comment. I really do. However, what it doesn't take into account is that the player himself would have had a great deal of influence on that transaction. Yes. It's a real shame he went to Shitty. How much of an alternative was available is hard to know, of course. Worst case - we get nothing for him as he languishes in the reserves refusing to play, or even just playing without real interest. Many would consider that very real possibility as worse than him moving up to our strong rivals Man Shitty.

      Tough to call, but the team have to make it. We can simply trust that they made the best one available. Or not.




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