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Friday, 21 July 2017

Transfer talk: Moussa Sissoko


Moussa Sissoko skipped the US tour since he had 'too much oxygen in his muscles' with Everton, Marseille and Lyon all keen on him. Everton were interested last summer, and the latest reports are they they have asked for a loan move.

Spurs will entertain a loan move with an option to purchase and consider a pay-off to remove his wages from our books. Every effort will be made to find him a home. he wants to stay in the Premier League, no doubt because of the wages he can earn there.

The Frenchman is refusing to take a wage cut to play football in France so his decisions do seem to be money orientated. that would explain why he has failed at Spurs where improving yourself as a player has to be the driving force, not how much can I earn.

To be at Spurs and to be a success at Spurs, you have to totally buy into what the club is trying to achieve and how we are trying to achieve it, through the improvement and promotion of youth. You have to ant to improve your own game, not meander along doing what you have always done.

It now seems patently obvious to anyone who has watched him, that Sissoko doesn't have the technical ability to play one touch football, or that he isn't mentally in the right place to perform

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  1. Most players would not agree that these moves are financially oriented BUT supporters know better. I don't blame Walker for going for double the salary. Most people if offered to double their income (assuming other living costs were similar) would move elsewhere for that.

  2. Why not swap him for Barkley then all sides will be happy especially Spurs who get rid of a waste of a squad place

    1. I am really not sure if Barkley is right for Spurs. To me, at 50M...Barkley is, for sure, not right.

    2. Of course, SissyYoko is certainly not right for Spurs. I have no clue why Spurs ever signed him. Newcastle fans were most happy to get rid of him last year.



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