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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Transfer Talk: Moses Simon


Voetbal24 are reporting that Tottenham are interested in 22-year-old (23 next July) Gent left-winger Moses Simon.

Stories change with some websites suggesting Gent value him at £17.58 million (€20m - AUS$29.11m - US$23.03m), however, others say Gent are said to want a fee of around £11.43 million (€13m - AUS$18.92m - US$14.97m).

That doesn't make any sense, if, as others have reported, that Liverpool have submitted a bid of £13.18 million (€15m - AUS$21.38m - US$17.27m).

WBA are tracking the Nigerian international and Brighton had a bid of £6.8 million (€7.74m - AUS$11.26m - US$8.91m) turned down, although if you read the Daily Mail it's £8.4 million (€9.95m - AUS$13.91m - US$11.01m).

I suspect the upper figure is the accurate one, the latest reports suggesting we are willing to pay that, though those reporting won't actually have a clue what we are willing to pay, or how we want to pay it. Under contract until 2019, he can also play centrally.

How strong our interest is we will have to wait and see.

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  1. Mr.Levy plays a very good game.The alleged offers that THFC make are way below the asking price,on many occasions truly insulting,knowing that they will be rejected.However,this makes us gullible Spurs fans believe that we are actively engaged in the hunt for quality players whereas in truth we are waiting for the end of August sales.I really believe that we only need 2 additions,a recognised striker to give us a plan B,and an experienced midfielder who can steady and influence the younger players.Far too often we seem to be hanging on whilst a calming presence could take back control.

    1. Or perhaps his opening bids are intended to be the start of a negotiation. Clubs receiving offers know this which is why they are almost always rejected (not just Spurs' but every clubs). Who in their right mind bids the maximum they are prepared to pay at the start of an auction or accepts the first offer they receive? I don't know why people struggle to accept this but are quite happy to accept that Levy is actually involved in an elaborate plan to pretend to try to buy players in order to hoodwink 'gullible' fans. Do you really think he's going to bother with that?

  2. Figures the press come up with are guess work, the club don't tell the press how much we are bidding. It's suggested Roma have offered £20m for Mahrez, if that were levy our fans would be up in arms as he is the only one who does it, CFS & Modric!



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