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Friday, 7 July 2017

Smalling, Wimmer, Alli, Kovačić, Pochettino and Ogilvie news



A few snippets of Tottenham talk and transfer talk today to ease into things after a day recovering from my hospital procedure.

am being told from my source who is involved with the club that Poch wanted to sign Chris Smalling to replace Kevin Wimmer.

The same guy also tells us that Real Madrid are interested in Dele Alli and will offer 23-year-old (24 next May) Croatian international midfielder Mateo Kovačić in exchange. Obviously that would have to be part exchange as 21-year-old (22 next April) Dele is worth considerably more than Kovačić.

He has also suggested that the relationship between Pochettino and the board is becoming strained with a lack of transfer activity. he goes on to say that he has been told by his sources that Pochettino is considering leaving.

I don't buy it personally, that would suggest a lack of understanding of the transfer market and the business side of football. Personally I don't think he lacks that knowledge.

Sky Sports are reporting that 21-year-old (22 next February) youngster Connor Ogilvie has signed a 2-year contract extension at Tottenham and has joined the only Kent based club in the Football League, Gillingham (League One) on a season-long loan deal. He was at Stevenage last season and they had wanted him to return. Gills fans are happy to see him arrive.



  1. A few 'i think i'm in the know but i'm full of shit' are reporting major unrest at Spurs due to Levy not signing anyone yet,when apparently he could & should have done.

    Personally i'm with you, i think it's all complete rubbish - i'd have treated it more seriously if these clever people could actually tell us what players have come on the market and been sold for sensible fees that we actually wanted and that we actually pursued ? I can't think of anyone who's moved this summer that appears like we've missed out on, can you ?

    1. I don't see why Poch wouldn't be getting a bit frustrated - for evidence you only have to look back at last summer...

    2. So how bad was last summer really? So bad we dropped away and were unable to compete, or just bad enough that we didn't win the League for the first time in 56 years?

      I suggest it was the latter (History helps).

      Do we really believe, at this stage, after so much has been done to show us otherwise, that the way to get forward as a football club is simply to buy in marquee signings? We've done very little of that recently and which club has made most progress in the three years Poch has been with us? I would say that we have, by a country mile over most others.

      Clearly that was not because of marquee signings. One could almost make the case it was because we didn't go for them, but I don't believe it's quite as simplistic as that.

      As Poch is right at the heart of this new approach I would suggest it's highly unlikely he'd be getting frustrated from a lack of the same presence in the marketplace he's leading us away from.


  2. You only have to look at his tweets to realise that this guy is just another in a long, long line of bullshit artists…anything controversial is prefaced by ‘my source’.
    It’s the same story with that dwarf Harry Hotspur…’Doris the tea lady tells me’…
    What we are witnessing is the beginnings of a mental disorder whereby these so called ITK’s resort to the invention of a fictitious character in order to support their baseless claims.
    Watch them carefully as their alter egos take over!



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