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Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Spanish View

Once again in the summer transfer market, clubs around Europe are cranking up their efforts to find those perceived missing pieces of their footballing jigsaw puzzles, write Spanish daily sports newspaper AS.

Their Spanish take on a transfer from an English club?

AC Milan are potential rivals to Atlético Madrid for the signing of Chelsea misfit, Diego Costa. It may come down to whether the Brazilian wants six months off or not!

Not exactly complimentary about him are they, especially as the Brazilian is now a Spanish international, changing sides because he had lived in Spain for 5 years, totally wrong, where you live doesn't change your nationality and who you are.

Tottenham being ahead of the game, have a manager who can coach and improve players, most managers are just chequebook men who can't cut the mustard without money. The AS view?

Jordan Henderson seems to be suggesting the crazy idea that top managers can coach players to improve the team rather than just sign a new one. Could that even be a thing???

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1 comment:

  1. No doubt Klopp's also a top manager. Liverpool were headed nowhere for many years. Always destined to be on the fringes at best. Now they're a team in contention.

    Just our luck really :-D Just as we come out of the doldrums, after many years on the fringes, and start to show real potential to be the top club in England, along come Leicester with a one-in-a-million run, along come Chelsea with the best season anyone's had for a number of years, along come Liverpool with Klopp - just a season or so behind us on an upward path of improvement.

    It will take something special to win the Premiership nowadays it seems. I believe we have the mentality now to see that situation and still go for it. We have made a bloody good stab at it over the last couple of seasons. Such a hard team to beat and nobody's favourite team to come up against. I'm a very proud Spur.




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