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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tashan Oakley-Boothe, Kazaiah Sterling and Juan Foyth


Tashan Oakley-Boothe and Kazaiah Sterling will be part of the first team squad travelling to America tomorrow. We usually take youngster on tour, it givs them a chance to spend time with the first team squad. being in and around it is good for their education and it shows them the level they have got to get to to be a regular part of it.

The stick and carrot. It is a chance to impress as others have done before. If they are thrown on with a big crowd watching, our coaching staff will be looking to see how they react, will they panic, will they freeze, will they make mistakes, how will they react to any mistakes, will they take to it like a duck to water?

The anti-Levy idiots are moaning on Twitter again, unable to grasp the bigger picture or understand the complexities of transfer dealings or the growing of a business both on and off the field.

We hear today that the hold up with Juan Foyth is the fact that his club Estudiantes want him loaned back for 6 months, while we would want him training with the first team squad, learning how we want him to play and learning our system, our language and getting used to his new surroundings in a new country with new teammates.

That is a big leap from a youngster from South America, if we loaned him back for 6 months, then his season would be over, h'd take the rest of the time settling in. In addition we hear the Argentinians want a sell-on clause, not something we would want to entertain. If we develop a player we want the profit that comes with it, if he is sold, as most players are at some point.

An excellent article to read explains the mechanics of a transfer in greater detail and may help a few understand why things go wrong, quite apart from the player actually having a choice of where he wants to play and for what reason he makes that choice. Money isn't always the factor, as many seem to incorrectly think.

How A Transfer Actually Works

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  1. Oh we're purely a business now then. I could have sworn it says FC after our name, never mind you're obviously the self elected expert so we mustn't dare disagree with you.

    1. Of course it's a business given the the size of the sums involved...even the sugar daddies will think twice now before they commit upwards of £50>£100m for a player.
      Take a look at the EPL club balance sheets and then appreciate just how much the cost of players and their wages are accelerating faster than a club's revenue stream.

    2. You have to have a successful business to have a successful team according to Sir Alex Ferguson, is he an expert or do you disagree with him? He has after all been there and done it, have you?



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