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Friday, 7 July 2017

Spurs to make first move for Lemar


Nice-Matin is the leading newspaper in South East France and they suggest that Tottenham will make contact with AS Monaco imminently to formally launch their first bid for Thomas Lemar.

The 21-year-old (22 next March) has been offered a 5-year contract at Arsenal worth £125,000-a-week for a transfer fee of £39.80 million (€45m - AUS$67.47m - US$51.28m). I don't see us offering that wage, nor quite frankly nearly £40 million when Erik Lamela should be returning from injury. He hasn't played for quite a while now and is unsaleable as a result. We therefore, have to keep him so we have to make best use of him.

That would suggest a central attacking midfielder is more important, but we generally look at players who can play anywhere across the three behind the lone striker.

All that flies in the face of what you are being led to believe elsewhere from folk with issues they really ought to have dealt with by now.

Take Willian, he joined Chelsea because Abramovich wanted to help out a Russian mate who had just lost half his fortune. They did a private deal and Willian was told where he had to sign. It had nothing to do with Levy whatsoever.

To buy we really need to get rid of Moussa Sissoko to create space in the squad and free up wages. That is proving difficult, unsurprisingly.

It is all completely understandable if you look at it rationally though.

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  1. We have no chance of signing him, its the club sending out fake transfer news to get people talking.

    1. Monaco don't want to sell him and have told Mbappe they won't sell any more in a bid to keep him.

  2. Its not the club, spurs are an extremely well run club you only have to follow the stadium build etc to know that.
    Transfers are not as straight forward as most people think. We will get some in and one or two will go. I like to think that we will bring another player though from the youth and buy another.
    We aren't like the other top clubs, we got back in the big time by buying young potential and selling them on for a profit (more or less). Now we can carry on doing the first part of this but keep the ones (most of) we want as success means they don't have to leave to win things. Some players want success now and big money, thats absolutely fair enough as long as when we have them they put it in for us. Lets calm down and enjoy winning things without a sugar daddy, the way it should be done.

    “It's no use just winning, we've got to win well.”

    1. It would be nice if Joe Lewis put his hand in his pocket and funded the signing of a couple of marquee signings for a change, he never has before. If funding doesn't happen our best players WILL leave. Then moving into a new stadium we can't fill will make Levy and Co really happy.

    2. Unfortunately this is a typical response from a Spurs fan who hasn't a clue how football works these days. No club can suddenly start spending money that club does not generate (albeit clubs like Man City find ways round it by 'sponsorship' deals etc). The same goes for suddenly increasing the wages of all our players - which is another thing that i see Spurs fans calling for ('pay Alderwield what he wants'). Again,you can't suddenly start upping wages by more than a certain % of your income,it just isn't allowed in this age of financial fair play. Which is exactly why Daniel levy is a great chairman because he's building a stadium that will make us more money so we can pay players more. Funnily enough Levy knows more about running a football club than the average fan.

    3. @Borgie - It is illegal under Financial Fair Play rules for chairman to buy players in this way, you have to purchase from the money the club generates. They brought laws in to stop people doing what Abramovich did.

  3. I'm not holding my breath on winning things! Look at the history!

    1. Yep, we have gone from mid table and broke to second and financially viable. If you have so little faith in the club why are you supporting them, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  4. Can't believe how many people are moaning after a week into the window
    Prices for players who are simply not as good as the ones we have already are totally ridiculous
    Why do so called fans just want us to spend money regardless of quality or whether we need them
    Everton have just spent 80m on some very average players none of whom would get anywhere near our 1st team



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