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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Spurs should sell Dier


Spurs should sell Dier if £60m is offered

There is much being made of Eric Dier reportedly telling friends he is excited by the prospect of working under Jose Mourinho, although in this day and age, that could simply b a story put out by the Old Trafford club.

The suggestion is that he is now the man they want and are willing to pay £40 million, today that figure seems to have shot up to £60 million and a hoped for deal at £50 million, the figure incorrectly previously reported as Levy telling United how much we wanted. Certainly, if we are to sell him, then United should have to pay through the nose to get him, just as City should to get Kyle Walker.

The news today proves we never quoted United a figure, which anyone with common sense would know. If you don't want to sell, you don't put valuations on players and you don't quote figures, the minute you do you are telling opponents a player is for sale.

If Ed Woodward, the man conducting Manchester United's transfer business, wants to offer us £60 million, as reports suggest they are willing to pay, then I personally would sell, having first lined up a replacement.

Eric Dier is young and versatile, he isn't the only one and I'm sure we could replace him with an equal for far less than the money we would receive for him. It is a policy Monchi used at Sevilla to great effect while still winning 5 UEFA Europa League titles, a Copa del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup and a European Super Cup.

As a centre-back in a back-four he isn't at the top level, he makes mistakes, he is less exposed defensively in a back-three as he plays on the right and was ousted from his defensive midfield position by Victor Wanyama, who has stepped up his game since joining us from Southampton.

Selling him would be a blow, it is disappointing if he wants to leave and we have to evaluate how much he wants to leave. Wanyama didn't perform for Southampton when he wasn't allowed to join us. I don't see Dier downing tools in that way but Pochettino has to determine how happy he would be if he was forced to stay.

If he were let go, then I'd only accept £50 million plus at least £10 million of add-ons. I'd want included £5 million if Manchester United won the Premier League title any time within the next 5 years, £5 million if they won the UEFA Champions League or even made the final, a figure if they achieve UEFA Champions League qualification, plus figures for number of performances  and other trophies won.

Are there any United players we would want? Should we ask for Anthony Martial plus cash for instance with United reportedly wanting £30 million for him?

That actually shows the figures our press quote to be wildly wrong. He cost United, as far as I am aware, £58 million including add-ons. Those add-ons are not payable as targets were not met, so he will only have cost the basic fee, plus perhaps a small amount for trophies won.

We try to structure big buys in the same way, the more add-ons and that reduce the basic fee the better, not when we are selling though, then we want both as high as possible.

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  1. Yes, sell all day long for 50 million. 50 million for him, 50 million for Walker, 20 million for Sissoko, 15 million for Wimmer,... would allow us to buy players like Kovacic (must buy if interested imo) or/and Lemar, Veltman,...

  2. Utd back to their sneaky slimey worst tapping up our players via the media. Had enough of this thought that those days were over for us. Sadly looks like the dismantling of this squad has started. Well gutted.

  3. No way should we sell Dier. I dont rate Dier as a central defender so highly but he can do a job there, he allows us to play a back 3 pretty well and hes a brilliant defensive mid and a premier league quality right back.
    This ability to play so many positions so well allows us to change formations "in play" aswell as cover injuries "in game".
    That aspect of Dier as a player should never be underestimated and is exactly why Mourinho wants him.
    Not only that, but what message does it send to our squad when one of them leaves to go to Man U for mega money, compared to what the rest are earning at Spurs.

    1. It tells the squad nothing, they are all individuals with their own minds.

      His versatility is valuable but he isn't the only versatile player in the world and I have no doubt he could be replaced for less than £60m without diminishing the squad.

    2. Except that whoever you are talking about will come from a lower league, and take at least one season to bed in, or may not... and given we finished second last year, I guess the next thing is to push for the title right from the get go... which we may not if we are going to bed in a new player, for someone who is always on the first team name sheet... I don't think that can be considered as 'without diminishing the squad'.

  4. this is a ploy to get alli next mates and all that

  5. I agree with Truth…selling Dier sends the wrong message. Of course if he really wants to leave then there is not much we can do about it, except extract the maximum price possible (to include a tapping-up penalty!).
    Losing Walker & Wimmer also would leave us with a serious hole in our defensive capabilities, particularly on the right side (I don’t rate CC-V) and therefore undermines Poch’s ‘3 at the back’ strategy.

    1. The incessant media barrage about our team/squad this close season has been a massive concerted campaign to completely ruin what's taken a painstaking amount of years to build. The crux of the matter is the media do all the sky 4 cartels dirty work and tbh never seen any other club have to deal with it like we have! For me nobody outside the usual suspects stands a chance to win anything nowadays.

  6. This is another rubbish story put out by a Reds loving Daily Express! Don't believe it. Dier is a key player and won't be sold! #ILoveEricDier #EricDierLovesMe

  7. The Express these days seems to be nothing more than a crucible of baseless rumour being passed off as fact.

    Firstly, there was the utterly implausible Harry Kane to Man Utd drivel. Then this week more complete tripe, with some low-life hack regurgitating a 7 year old Eric Dier quote, trying to insinuate that he also wanted to go and play at the 'Theatre of Mercenaries'!

    How do they do it? Put all the names of the Spurs first team players in a hat and then draw them out at random on a weekly basis and pair them with the imaginary suitor 'du jour'?! Imagine if their semi-literate hacks actually had to work for a living!

    The bottom line is the story is utter bollocks. Dier is not going anywhere. He has expressed no desire to leave Spurs or go to Utd and he is not for sale.

  8. Here is the link to the latest CIES Football Observatory weekly post…’New transfer value estimates’
    As a club THFC are doing very nicely thank you but I draw your attention to last on the list of 110, Kyle Walker, who is valued at €40m (£35M)…Levy strikes again???
    Our other player in the news, Eric Dier, is valued at €85m (£75m) so, if we add the Levy premium to that then there is no way Eric will leave for less than £90m…



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