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Monday, 24 July 2017

Sissoko to Turkey


Tottenham have given Turkish Süper Lig side Trabzonspor (they have won 6 Süper Lig titles) the green light to push ahead in their attempts to sign Moussa Sissoko after the two clubs held talks over a potential deal report beIN Sports Turkey.

I'd be surprised if he want to Turkey, it isn't a top tier league and only gas a tax system going for it. Turkish clubs get linked with many a Premier League player but few go there. They are apparently after a loan and we want shot of him for good preferably.

Suggesting that Levy is keeping Sissoko because he feels Pochettino can get him playing decent football is complete nonsense and an example of hoe the agenda driven anti_levy follower thinks. Nobody is prepared to pay his wages yet so he hasn't been sold, clubs are waiting to force him to lower his wage demands to secure a move.

Spurs are not the only club who will play a waiting game in the hope that events will produce a more favourable set of circumstances to buy a player for the best possible deal.

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  1. I wonder who gave the green light to sign Sissoko, along with quite a few other flops over the last 3 years.
    Our transfer policy stinks. We buy 2nd and 3rd tier players and then moan they aren't trying or able to adapt.
    Either keep buying youngsters to develop or pay the price for a quality player instead of wasting money on 3 failures at a time.
    Personally keep buying youngsters because they don't rock the boat .

    1. Eriksen, Alderweireld, Dier, Vertonghen, Lloris, Trippier, Wanyama, Alli, we don't know what we are doing! Every club in the world has flops, every club in the world.

  2. You're definitely levy's son aren't you? I'm reminded of the story dating back many years of the Mother and Son watching their soldier husband/son respectively, as he marched past in parade with the entire Regiment. The boy says "look mummy dads out of step", his mum replies no he isn't Johnny, the rest of the Regiment are...

    1. And of course she was wrong and imparting wrong knowledge to her son.

  3. 3 of those have nothing to do with Poch and nor Deir as he was signed as Poch arrived. I have often be accused of being over aggressive and arguing for the sake of it but you are certainly taking the biscuit Clive. I appreciate that Daniel & Poch have done a remarkable job over the last 3 years but if you think they are all seeing and above any criticism you are barmy. We pay top dollar to watch, we support home and away with all our hearts and we can all see just how close we are. Sometimes you just have to take a chance, not to endanger the whole set up but if we don't sign or improve the squad until the end of the windows, them players are useless until christmas, they never get a pre season in with their team mates and are always playing catch up. Whoever gave the go ahead to sign Sissico last season is as much at fault as the player not being good enough, the fella never had a chance coming in that late. We piddle about with players, want over the top money for our rejects and never seem to leave a deal with a feel good factor. We could learn a lot from Liverpool, who are not the successful club they were but are very classy with anything they do.
    You will probably see this as a dig at Levy but it is only an observation which nearly everyone can see would improve our club. Take them rose tinted glasses off, we all want the same thing.

    1. So you don't think Pochettino was consulted on Dier, do me a favour.

      I disagree that players are useless until Christmas if they have had a pre-season at their previous clubs, then it only takes 3 weeks to get Poch fit, then it is down to their football intelligence. Alli showed quality straight away so did Winks, It is down to each player to do the same.
      There are many many reasons why transfers don't go through, we do not want to pay the silly prices quoted at the mo, quite rightly in my view.
      I don't have rose tinted specs on, a have reality glasses. so Liverpool spend and keep finishing below us, answers your own points.
      We have our investment strategy and it has been successful in improving the side so we'll continue with it for the good of the club for years to come.

      I don't see it as a dig at Levy no, you want signings, so do I, I'm just happy for them to be by the end of the window. We have a decent first XI to start the season with, so there isn't a problem at the minute.

    2. Acutely I'm not bother if we make signings or not. I love the fact players are coming through and my point about Liverpool is not that they spend money or not it's the way they do things with no fuss or drama but with class. The total opposite way Levy does business.
      Are you sure about your comments above , it might only take 3 weeks to get Poch fit but I seem to remember you writing whole articles on how long it takes to learn or systems and adjust to our patterns of play !

  4. Anyway a healthy difference of opinion , we all want the best , some just see Levy a little different to you.



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