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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sissoko fee not an issue


Plenty of stories explaining that we may need to give Moussa Sissoko a pay off so he will take a reduction in wages, that would then allow clubs to buy him.

he cost us an initial fee and then we have to pay an annual premium for each year he stays with us, hence if we sell him we don't have to pay the full £30 million.

Daniel levy is no idiot and he wouldn't give a squad player an £85,000-a-week contract if he were paying £30 million for him. he would cover himself and only pay those wages if the transfer fee was low, when you also consider you have to pay agents fees and a signing on fee to Sissoko.

When you look at it rationally and with a grasp of how strong his negotiating skills are, it becomes clear that the Evening Standard reported instalment deal, only if he sees out his contract, is in fact accurate. it's the only deal that makes sense and is another of th innovative deals we saw throughout Europe last summer.

If we accept that then the fee to sell him isn't going to be a great issue, his wages, like Adebayor before him, become the only issue.

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  1. You will probably find the evening standard change their opinion of that contract depending on what set of fans they are talking to

  2. Replies
    1. I won't say that... we probably thought that we could turn him like Dembele but it seems that he doesn't suit our way of playing... it's not that he doesn't try now...

  3. So by that logic. If we sell sissoko for 12mil this summer then newcastle only get 6million as we only kept him for 1 year??? As much as I wish that was true it's obviously not

    1. Correct. There is no way it is true - what would possibly be in it for Newcastle? Instalments just mean we didn't pay the whole £30m up front i.e. we still owe them £24m regardless. Hopefully a decent chunk of that was add-ons - if so then may at least get out of those if we can offload him. I reckon Marseille may still come in with a bid of £15-20m.

  4. I think the issue here is that we have another ‘Adebayor’ situation on our hands and if I were in DL’s shoes I’d pretty pissed-off by that.
    I’m still unable to ascertain on who’s advice we signed this lazy lump of s***!
    Clearly Poch wanted to play him out of position as cover for the absence of Lamela and that hasn’t worked out.
    On the question of salary he may not be earning £85k per week, Clive, but it will be North of £50k otherwise a French club would have taken him by now so the player, naturally, will sit on his backside and refuse to take a cut in salary which means the only option DL has is to offload him to another EPL club…fat chance of that happening.
    As I said above, ‘Adebayor Mark II’.



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