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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ricardo Pereira



Portuguese newspaper O Jogo are reporting that Porto have rejected Spurs initial offer of £13.14 million (€15m - AUS$21.96m - US$17.2m) for 23-year-old (24 in October) tight-back Ricardo Pereira.

Let's be clear about Walker, he wasn't sold because Daniel Levy decided to sell him, he was sold because he has long running rows with Pochettino and it was the Argentinian who had had enough and told the board they could sell him. Walker didn't push for a move, but his wife did want to leave Spurs and I believe she is a northern lass.

Daniel Levy has secured about £20 million (€22.83m - AUS$33.44m - US$26.18m) more than he is actually worth in today's market.

Corrieo de Mañha report FC Porto are set to offer right-back Ricardo Pereira a new contract, often a ploy to maximise the transfer value of a player. In Portugal any wage increases are linked to an increase in their release clause so you can imagine by offering a new contract they want to increase his release clause after a successful season playing for Nice in Ligue 1.

With Juventus interested it isn't going to be plain sailing buying him although the club believes he wants to come to Spurs.

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  1. I am not convinced that we need to buy a replacement for Walker as a priority.We need a plan B striker so that we can challenge for a domestic cup and in so doing we can blood our younger players in more game time.and a mid field general who can direct and control the team.As good a player Kane is he is not captain material as perryman ,roberts and sheringham were.Walker leaving was necessary but why on earth did Levy not have a signing ready to announce to deflect the criticism that we are just a selling club.Big money or big names not required just well thought out players who can fill the gaps.I for one think that Silva could be the man in the midfield that can provide the experience we need.

    1. The crux of the Kyle Walker replacement question is whether Kyle Walker-Peters is ready to step up and genuinely challenge Trippier for the starting RB berth. If not, then we will need to buy another starting quality right back, say Pereira. Either way we have enough money left over for Silva, who would be an excellent addition in midfield, plus the Argentinian kid, Foyth.

  2. As a northerner not too far from Sheffield i'm not convinced Manchester in the north has anything to do with it in the slightest, wrong side of the Penines, doesn't save enough travelling time to justify anything. Just BS excuses when we all know it was always about the money. At his age his next contract was always gonna be his last biggie so you can kinda understand why. Grerat player and sad to see hime leave but lets not sugar coat it with BS excuses like trophies and being in the north. Considering the players City have lost it doesn't really strengthen them, no better than they were last season.

  3. People must be drunk, talking up this guy to Spurs. If he's not good enough to play in the Portguese league, why would he be good enough for us? Absolute garbage, especially at £22M. Just nonsense.

  4. It was about the money. No matter how much spin you might try and put on this, it's strengthening them and weakening us. Rumours of a row between Poch and Walker are malicious gossip IMO, the sort of thing you'd expect to read in a grotty newspaper and not on an allegedly serious Spurs blog.

    1. I would have fell out with Poch if I had been left out of all the biggest games at the end of the season and was the best right back in the country. I think Walker was very hard done by to prove who was incharge. We are told you win your place on the training ground but that wouldn't seem the case here.

    2. Walker didn't get upset because he was left out, he was left out because Poch had had enough of him & had decided to sll him

    3. So how do you know he wasn't upset about being left out Clive ? If your the best player you should be playing and I don't think there is anything wrong with his attitude and training.
      Poch was making a point and woh be anyone that crosses him, except you need to be winning things and having the world at your feet before you discard great players because they have crossed you.

  5. With regard to the move North question, it was his wife rather than him who wanted a 'return home'. Not sure about her family circumstances but there maybe reasons we don't know about. This situation is clearly not helped by him falling out with Poch and Trippier coming on in leaps and bounds. Yes Walker 'flies' up with wing but his end product is often not at the same standard as that delivered by Trippier. Trippier is also a much more sound defender. Walker is caught too often out of position and whilst his speed can make up for that, his positional play has cost us in the past. Who backs up Trippier might depend on how well Walker-Peters is coming on although regardless of that, with the CL to play for, I think Poch will want someone more experienced.

  6. I think a few of us have a romanticised view of walks. I don't think he gave us a complete start to finish decent season the whole time he was with us. Last season was arguably his best and Trippier made him look average at times.

    Don't get me wrong, he is still a very good player and its s shame he's gone to Citeh but £50m/£55m is great business for a player who is, by no means, our best. The "selling club" stigma comes from selling our top talents (Berbatov, Bale, Modric) in their prime. Walks is getting to the point where his speed will deplete and he'll get found out.

    There's no doubt Poch (and Levy for that matter) knows what he's doing (finishing 4th, 3rd, 2nd since arriving shows were undoubtedly moving in the right direction) and the transfer window is still young so let's stay possitive and trust the experts!!


    1. You are all doing Walker an injustice. He's one of the best right backs to ever pull on the Lilly White shirt. I have seen every season since 76 and only Stevie P comes close. Poch messed him about with selection and that's why I said I would have also got the hump Clive. Walker is a 100% player, he might be a bit daft when he goes home to see his mates but nothing compared to some.
      I really hope you are all right and i'm over rating him because it will be a suprise to me if another as good as him comes along in the next 20 years.
      %0 mil is a snip as he is exactly what City need.
      ps How many teams will be making any sort of plans to stop Trips next season ?



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