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Sunday, 23 July 2017

PSG, Walker=Peters, Edwards

If you have not yet seen the side or sides we put out in the International Champions Cup game against PSG last night, a game we won 4-2, then the graphics below will show you who got a run out.

The first graphic is the first-half side and the second the second-half side.

It was a training game, a friendly, the first of the season for the players who were naturally rusty.

While we can't read too much into the game, Kyle Walker-Peters, as expected, didn't look ready for first team action. He looked a little out of his depth and was inexplicably miles up field for their second goal.

When the ball in one one side our opposite full-back pushes forward, however, you have to judge when to do that and ensuring we have comfortable possession in part of the equation. Pushing too far forward when we don't have comfortable possession and we could lose the ball exposes us on the other side.

We saw the result. A player with acres of space and the full-back unable to get back. A mistake punished. It is decisions like this off the ball that youngsters have to learn at a higher level. While that will come with experience, it is also something they need to learn quickly or they'll be having prolonged periods training and little else at first team level, as Josh Onomah found last season.

Being young though can cloud judgement and news of Marcus Edwards once again having contract tussles with Spurs is bound to be about his progression. No doubt he thinks he should be playing at a higher level, yet he is too frail, men simply nudge him off the ball as we have seen when he has played adult football.

He is a way away from first team level

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  1. ME should be given a role on wing or as Ericksen understudy but Spurs should be able to provide him with 5 to 10 starts this season early to assess how he copes with his limitations at EPL level and in Europe. Additionally he should continue to be used asna last 15 minutes impact sub with more minutes the reward for impacting r3sult

    1. What's he done to earn that? Presumably if MP thought he was ready, he'd have played more than he has. Like many before him (Bostock, Taarabt etc) he looks great on a show-reel but hasn't achieved anything in a professional league.

  2. Not sure why the whole article was devoted to slagging Walker-Peters when it was Carter-Vickers who was culpable for the first two goals. He has serious defensive issues from what he's shown when in the top side.

  3. KWP had a very good game and was only caught out of position because he never factored in how poor Lorris's kicking is. He got up and down the line and was instrumental in most of or first half attacks. Anyone jugging anyone on the first half of the first friendly is nuts !

    1. I don't think anyone is making judgements just observations. I had a view of him before the game for instance and the game hasn't changed it and why should it, it's just the first friendly of the season, a training exercise to get fitness levels up.

  4. The article doesn't 'slag' anybody off, but I'd debate the second being Carter-Vickers fault with Walker=Peters nowhere to be seen. He had pushed forward at the wrong time when we didn't have secure possession and left us open. You do that and have to be able to get back which he couldn't so he has to learn from that experience, as he will and as he suggested he must.



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