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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pochettino, sad WHU fan and Social Media


More and more stories are emerging about it being Mauricio Pochettino who is vetoing players because of the prices being asked by clubs, young Argentinian centre-back Juan Foyth and Porto full-back Ricardo Pereira being two.

Our transfer committee value players from which we determine how much we are prepared to pay up front and how much in performance related add-ons, a bit like a salesman who has to earn commission on performance.

Still it is easier to blame Levy isn't it!

A West Ham United fan claims to have cemented a West ham scarf in the foundations of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

How sad can you get, perhaps you ought to get a life instead?

I have called for a far better social media approach from Tottenham and while our schoolboy efforts have improved there is a long way to go. The following figures show how we are lagging behind and why, I feel, the club should adopt a unique approach to extend it's reach by better engaging with those who spread the word. It is better to have an army of supporters working for you than a mere marketing department and social media manager.

The club is innovative in many ways and promoting itself across the Internet is just another avenue that that innovation should take.

UEFA Champions League football will help but it will only do so far.

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  1. Oh for goodness sake a committee is a pure smokescreen which gives the chairman a semblance of democracy in a business empire.It is also a useful safety net to be used when things go wrong

    1. 😂

      Yes. Of course. Nasty Daniel Levy, who is patently ruining the club, forced hostage to fortune Mauricio Pochettino, who holds a degree in economics and could walk into just about any job in world football, to agree with him 😂 So, when Poch says that he understands the financial situation perfectly we should read that he is being coerced? Or, despite his degree suggesting otherwise, is just too thick to understand the financial implications at all? When he says publicly that on the transfer committee him and Levy reach a decision between them on the value of each player and the maximum they are prepared to pay for him, he is really only saying it under duress in the moments that Levy unchains him and let's him out of the dark cellar where he torments him and Fred's him off bread and water? 😂 Or maybe some folk are just desperate to maintain the erroneous, media fed mytho-image they have of Daniel Levy 🤔

  2. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that levy pulls the strings at Spurs. Just ask Paul Mitchell. Are you related to levy by any chance?

    1. It is obvious to any one with a fully functioning human brain of even late pre-teen development and just adequate intellectual ability that Pochettino has actually stated all these things in public interview. It is in the public domain. Anyone with the basic skills of information retrieval can find them. Do you believe he is being coerced into making these statements? 😂

    2. SP SP I hope you have enjoyed your rants and again you tun to insulting people that have a different perspective than you.However as it is obvious that you are present at these committee meetings and know the ins and out of how such meetings are run I bow down to your knowledge.However,when is the last time you heard of a manager ever publicly disagree with his chairman and keeps his job.More importantly when a manager is fired he is paid a generous severance fee to keep his mouth shut which also allows for future employment as no chairman will employ a whistle blower.Just a thought from someone who lives in the real world.

    3. It isn't a question of having a different perspective, it's denying facts SP is pointing out, the club is not the totalitarian dictatorship that you paint, that is the real business world.

      You employ people with the information you don't have and use their expertise to make decisions, that while you have the final say, you trust and implement. I don't know what real world you work in, but multi million pound organisations are not run on the lines you seem to believe and before you ask, yes I have had many meeting with titled chairmen of multi million pound organisations, I used to work for one.

      Tottenham Hotspur is not run as a dictatorship.

  3. Closest thing West Ham will ever get to being a big club



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