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Friday, 21 July 2017

Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy"


Tottenham, as you all know, are on our pre-season trip to the USA which includes not just playing football, but open training sessions and coaching for youngsters as well as the usual PR work from our ambassadors. The Tottenham family pitch in to promote the club and it's values to build our name in what is still an emerging market.

Mauricio Pochettino was asked about the transfer window and was very calm, h didn't really see a problem.

“We are so calm, we believe in our squad and our academy players, we will add maybe a few players. Most important thing is the team, philosophy comes from the board, Pochettino "I’ve a very good relationship with Daniel Levy". We know what we need to do”.

The club are pursuing the strategy set out and were conducting the business in a way that was beneficial for our long-term future. Our policy has been successful so far in improving the standards at the club, a policy that, with a new stadium being built, we need and will be continuing to implement.

To deviate would be to put the whole Tottenham project at risk, gambling is not a sound business strategy and could have disastrous effects on the on-field performance levels. If you want to tell me that is in our best interests then get yourself along to the nearest funny farm.

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  1. We hate each other.......cannot agree on anything......Now that would have been interesting !!!!!

  2. That's great news Poch, you can tell him to get his finger out and get some business done. Beyond our first 11 the squad is tissue paper thin!

    1. Our squad is the same as it was last season, when we finished 2nd, barring one RB. In fact you could argue our squad is better than last year as Lamela is nearing fitness, so is Danny Rose, and Harry Winks can only improve from his performances last year. Add in Onomah and KWP success with England this summer and our squad depth is better. Oh and Dembele has had an ankle problem rectified so can play more minutes as well.

    2. Poch understands Levy's game plan. But Poch is in a good position to push for what he wants in order to continue with the team progess, how long before he's tired of having his hands tied when he can go else where.

    3. We have a very good 11, not a strong squad by far. Who does Poch really have to call on for game changers, rotation, injuries etc that are as good as the first 11 like other big teams. If we want to keep up with them, got to add quality, its not happening though.

  3. Agree the club have been showing progress under the current structure.But in large part that is to do with Poch as Manager and the great job he has/is doing. However if Levy doesn't allow him to add the right type of quality to the squad, how long before he gets frustrated & clubs turn his head. Levy just might push that relationship & it snaps.

    1. Really? Were we still finishing 10th to 15th up until Poch took over? I know it's cool to hate Levy and not give him any credit but we started improving thre day he got here, not the day Poch arrived. Poch is the final, amazing piece of the jigsaw. I love this man more than is healthy and agree with his overall outlook on how to build a winning team. This obsession with transfers is for the 80% (the world is said to be split, 80/20 - 80% of people are told what to think and tend not to change their views regardless of contrary evidence. While the 20% think for themselves based on a balanced view of all evidence). The media has brainwashed people into thinking transfers are important. They do it by heavily marketing transfer news, lies and stats at a time when most people are pining for football. Every interview I've ever seen from POch and Lloris suggests they are 100% on board with the Spurs project, he new what he was doing when he signed for Spurs and he is a part of designing the current project. The academy and training ground aren't a happy coincedence, they have been built to replicate the success of other big clubs like Barca, Utd and Bayern who all had their longest periods of success using academy players. You get more effort, passion and loyalty from these players than a signing. Poch believes this which is why he has always worked on bringing through academy players from Espanyol, Southampton aqnd Spurs. See Poch's interviews in the way he talks about building teams. This is not a Spurs project that Poch is feeling forced to carry out, this is a shared vision between the owner, manager and captain - the sooner the fans get on board with this shared vision the sooner we will have a seriously strong and unstoppable club.

      No success has ever been built on foundationsa that don't contain thousands of failures. We have been working for this for 20 years, have learned lots from our failures and have now acheived a working symbiotic system. We are extraemely lucky fans in that our club is now more than a football team. It has values and hard work at it's core. It has a leader that grew up supporting the club and states regularly football isn't about money to him and he's at the club for the long haul.

      Don't let silly season make you silly - let it wash over you and enjoy the amazing football being played and the amazing journey this club is on. If we win the league there will be no more deserving team to win it. We have used many English players over the years in competing with the money clubs and we have held our own.

      Enjoy it. There 90 clubs beneath us (and maybe a couple of the top 6) that would swap situations in a heartbeat!

  4. Yerp, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn say similar things about the support of their parties too,

  5. "I've a very good relationship with Daniel- I ask for players and he puts in bids that won't get them"



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