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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pochettino, Eriksen, Kane, Dembele and transfers


Mauricio Pochettino has said he is happy with the transfer window so far, that Tottenham are under no pressure to buy, given the strength of the squad and improvement of the youngsters. We have our targets and will take our time to try and get them at the right price.

Simply paying what another club demand is not a sound business strategy, look at Roma, they just bid £20 million for Leicester City wide man Riyad Mahrez. Apparently though, it is only Daniel Levy who bids low, no it isn't, it is everyone. How much did Chelsea offer us for Lika Modric?

Christian Eriksen has said we don't need to buy players, Harry Kane has said we don't need to buy players and now Mousa Dembele has said we don't need to buy players.

“Exactly like a family, it's a very good thing to have a group that stays together and understands each other as well. The first year with the manager was different because it was a new philosophy, and now the last few years everybody understands what he means, everybody knows what to do. 
“We don't change five or six players, you have to start over with new players. I think this way to do it is very good. The quality we have now - everybody is looking in the same direction. We concentrate on the team we have now. If the team stays like this, we know that like last year we're going to have a good season. We're very positive."

Our strategy is to buy the right players, at the right price, if, and only if, they improve the squad or are better then the player they are replacing. That means a player still at the club vying for that position, not a player sold. An example is right-back. The player we being in will be better than Kyle Walker-Peters, the player currently vying for the reserve right-back slot to the improving new England international Kieran Trippier.

Obtaining a player at the right place can and often does, take time, naturally a selling club want to maximise what they get for a player and will try to force the price up, as we did with Kyle Walker getting at least £20 million more than anybody else would pay for him. Manchester City could have gone out and bought a better right back and strengthened even more but Walker is home grown and they need these players for their quota.

While fans see buying a player as a one season thing, the club look at a purchase for the season and beyond, thus, while it is helpful for that season, it is not essential that a player is bought in July if the price isn't right. Waiting until later in August, although that is not to say continual negotiation does not take place, usually forces the selling club to alter it's stance if it is a player they need to remove from their books or sell because they only have a year left on their contract.

I have no doubt we will buy. For instance, we'll wait until late in the window to get Ross Barkley as cheap as possible, there is no rush after his groin surgery. A right-back will be brought in who can play as a wing-back and you could argue that Erik Lamela would be like a new signing given he hardly played last season. A mentally right Lamela is an asset.

We do need to sell Moussa Sissoko and can't really buy another attacking player until we do, however nobody has bought him and personally, on his wages, I don't think they will. he is a stumbling block, hence we have now started to hear noises that he has a future. He had better get his mentality right and knuckle down if he is to stay, which, with a World Cup looming and international selection on the line, he should.

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  1. Exciting times ahead for Spurs. Great philosophy of team building that other clubs in the top flight have tried to weaken. Manchester United dominated the EPL with home grown youth & big signings. Spurs are paving the way to raise the bar for home grown talent breaking into the premier league.
    A formidable philosophy that directly challenges the 'pay as you go' trophy buyers of old mentality.

  2. Trouble is they win trophies and we don't. Let me give you an example:
    Just how many seasons have Spurs toiled away in the Europe League without reward? Our best placing was one measly quarter final appearance in all those endless attempts. On the other hand a poor Man U won it at the first go, as did Chelsea. I'll put money on Arsenal doing the same next season too. Add to that domestic trophies for inferior Arsenal, Man U and Man City teams over the last 2 seasons when many critics said we were the strongest team in the league.
    I think you'll admit that is not normal.
    You can waffle on about the honesty and goody two shoes approach we make, but at the end of the day people won't remember that nonsense, they'll remember the names on those trophies.
    So come off you high horses and get real. We're losers, brave losers who will be forgotten pretty soon unless we start turning our dominance into tangible success, and we won't do that unless the squad, especially the squad is strengthened to a level where it can cope with 4 competitions with a fair chance of winning any 4, or multiples. Especially this coming season.
    I do see an improvement once the new ground is up and running, as long as a fair proportion of the additional income is recycled back into the squad. Hopefully we'll find a few more gems from the academy too, but you can't rely solely on that, Kane was one in a million. The more usual level would be players like Tom Carroll.
    Hopefully common sense will prevail, and we find some middle ground between strengthening the squad through a few QUALITY transfers, and hope for more like Harry Winks from the academy. It's not fair to dump too much responsibility on young shoulders though, that can break a player before he's even got going in his career.

    1. the reason we do so bad in the Europe League and the domestic cups is we dont play our strongest side its used to give the kids and subs a run out who do you blame for that ? we also did not always play our strongest 11 in the champions league

    2. Trouble is you are looking at it as though the process is over and you have the luxury of hindsight. Truth is this is only half way through the process. It is like a plant that has been developing underground and is now starting to send out shoots.

      Try being patient.

      The youth set-up is starting to produce. We have the youngest squad in the division. A young manager who is learning with experience. Soon, we will have the second biggest but best and most technologically advanced stadium in England. When you look at it like that, it is kinda strange just how many Spurs fans seem desperate to rubbish everything right now, on the basis that we haven't yet "won" anything (even though improvement in the league is very apparent). We have worked for years to get ourselves into a position to compete. We are now competing. All things being equal,we will begin an even better position to compete in the future.

    3. Yeah it's great times when those spread sheet tables come out and we're top I couldn't be prouder.
      If we're only half way through the process we may just win another trophy in the next 16 years.
      Exciting times

  3. Does this mean that last season was spoiled for you detractors 'cos we didn't win any trophies?
    So you didn't enjoy the football that Poch & his squad produced?
    So how do you think that sits with players?
    I thank God that your pessimism has not permeated the supporters who actually go to games.



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