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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lopez deal £2.17m + add ons = penalty fee


Pau López has returned to Espanyol after we failed to activate the purchase agreement in his loan, however, Espanyol have now reopened negotiations with Tottenham over hi sale and a deal is said to be close.

He has been at the UEFA Under-21 European Championships where he helped Spain to the runners-up slot in Poland and is not due to return to training for another 9 days.

It seems negotiations are now expected to see a deal reached for around £2.17 million (€2.5m - AUS$3.71m - US$2.86m) plus add ons Spanish newspaper Sport suggest. That figure does not include the fee payable for not taking up our purchase option before 30 June.

Much in the same ay as we had to wait for Toby Alderweireld to finish his loan spell at Southampton on 30 June before we could sign him in a new season, so we have had to wait for the loan agreement to expire before Espanyol would accept what we were offering.

In the end we get our man on our terms.

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  1. He's welcome, but I find it slightly difficult to get excited about a keeper at the moment.

  2. I think if he's one for the future, and he may well be that, then this is great news that shows we're a club looking forward, looking at the long term.

    I see that as a very good sign.


  3. I have hated Nike every since the above advert ran in the evening standard. Filthy fux

  4. I can't argue with that Lee. It's shameful that so many Spurs supporters should have been treated with such disrespect, not to mention the club itself.




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