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Monday, 24 July 2017

Lamela story doesn't have the ring of truth


Ideally we would like to move Moussa Sissoko, but it is doubtful many clubs will want to pay his wage, if any, and that makes selling him a problem. It is a return to the Adebayor days, won't take a pay cut to leave and play football.

At the moment it is a bit of a stand-off and we can only hope something gives in a season where he needs to be playing to get a call up for the World Cup next summer. He won't be picked by Didier Deschamps if he plays like he did this season and as little as he did. We are banking on that forcing him to lower his demands I expect, it's what I'd be doing.

Corriere Dello Sport report that Daniel Levy will only allow Erik Lamela to depart (and that means he was on the list of players Mauricio Pochettino said could leave if the right offers came in) if our £16.08 million (€18m - AUS$26.45m - US$20.95m) valuation is met with Inter only willing to offer £13.39 million (€15m - AUS$22.04m - US$17.46m).

Mauricio Pochettino: "Erik Lamela and Heung-Min Son are back in training. We'll see an evolution in the next few weeks for everyone."

Lamela has a contract until 2020 and with so many injuries the £4 million (€4,48m - AUS$6.58m - US$5.21m) add-ons on top of his £25.5 million (€28.56m - AUS$41.97m - US$33.23m) fee will not have all kicked in. I would expect what Inter are offering if he only had a year left on his contract so our £16.08 million valuation sounds a bit cheap in the current market that has gone crazy. Frankly £16.08 million would be an absolute snip for a player, who if his mind is in gear, is quality.

That brings into question the validity of the report. While a club like Everton will throw £50m at the Ross Barkley story in an attempt to get teams to bid high, so Inter could well be leaking stories to try and get us to accept his market valuation is lower than we think. It is all a game and clubs use the media as part of their negotiating tactics.

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  1. Dear Lord sell Both of them, Sissoko should never have been purchased in the 1st place everyone barring Levy and Poch knew this was gonna end badly.
    Would be nice to know who actually made the decision to make him our record signing, reportedly to stop the Mighty Everton from purchasing this DUD (the logic boggles).

    And Lamela weirdly loved by many who seems permanently injured from running around like a Puppy that's lost its ball and all the blind alleys he turns down.
    Another complete waste of money who should of been moved on way before Chadli.

    2 big money poorly thought out signings taking up wages!

    Move them on!

    And for Christ Sake sign some quality! !!!!!!!

  2. I think a lot of our "fans" want Lamela to fail based on the flop media narrative they bought into when he first signed. His hand in 26 goals in 2015/16 prior to his injury, is no indication of talent to them. Not even a squad player. If Lamela scored 50 goals in a season, those same fans would call him greedy, if he got 50 assists, they'd say he doesn't score enough. Those same "fans" just need to dry up and admit they don't have a clue.

    Lamela = solid player and future legend

  3. I cannot stand the fuckwits who lambast Lamela. They are just ignorant paeons.

    1. hardly he has only produced decent football for 1 season in 4 so far. That isn't a great output, however talented so there is a fair genuine argument.

    2. Wow Clive that's the 1st thing you've ever said that I agree with.



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