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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Fejsa, a fake story to get a wage increase?


The Portuguese press (Record) have been at it again. They have linked us with a player who doesn't fit our transfer profile and plays in a position you are not urgently looking for a player.

In defensive midfield we have Victor Wanyama and Eric Dier to cover, although Mousa Dembele can equally play the more defensive role as can Harry Winks. We do not need a 28-year-old (29 in August) defensive midfielder.

It is suggested we are interested in Serbian international Ljubomir Fejsa who is under contract until 2019 and is said to have a release clause of £31.23 million (€35m - AUS$51.25m - US$40.79m).

Another Portuguese newspaper O Jogo report that Benfica want him to extend his contract by a year. Sounds very much like his agent using our name to pretend to Benfica that they might lose their man and thus offer higher wages to keep him. You will be familiar with this type of story this summer if you weren't aware of it already.

The Sun can try to make all they want of it, I make nothing of it and would be surprised if it is anything other than a fake news story

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  1. Don't worry chaps for levy has found the secret of success, the likes of all those multiple trophy winning teams from England and around Europe have been doing it wrong all these years, it's actually down to the academy pure and simple - you don't need to spend money, the only reason S-Hampton haven't down a Real Madrid or Man U is because they haven't had the benefit of levy's eye for a bargain star in the making, the likes of N'jie, Fazio (enter about 600 names here).
    Would have been better if levy hadn't spent any money actually, because most of them turned out to be turnips, and even a good one or two was sold on.

  2. And yet - here we are. Three seasons into MP's new reign and only the first failed to see us improve on anything we'd previously managed in the Premiership era.

    I really fail to perceive why so many supporters are moaning about how things are going when it's better than we've seen at Spurs for decades. It's not even like we're watching stodgy football in a desparate attempt to compete like the GG years down the road at The Arse. It's great football and at a level of success we haven't managed since before the 80s, which was considered a pretty successful decade all in all.

    I guess some people are just psychologically unable to appreciate good things when they come along. Always fearful of losing what they have. Crippled from embracing life fully with all it has to offer.

    The future at Spurs is an exciting journey. Even bigger, richer clubs don't have a guaranteed spot at the top every season. We need to go out there each time and earn the right to stay at the top. I believe we have the team to do that. Their track record so far seems to show that. Let's enjoy the journey - troughs as well as peaks.


  3. The thing is A/B we can all see just how close we are and it is very exciting but we all know we are a little bit short overall. Now we all hope another couple of the young lads brake through that's, 10 times better than buying anyone in my book but to stand still is to go backwards. It really is not easy to improve the first 11 but if you want to win the tittle that is probably want we have to do and thus improving the squad by making it stronger.
    I know some will never be happy with what we are doing but we really are so close .

    1. I agree we're close Steve. Actually, I believe that except for some quite unusual circumstances over the last two seasons, we would have won the title at least once. Probably not when Leicester did, as we showed at the end we didn't quite have the right attitude. That is a big part of the story and we frankly flunked it. Understandable, but not something you win the league with. Generally. Without Leicester we may have managed it. Or not.

      Without Chelsea on a superhuman run last season though, we would surely have nailed it.

      The point I'm making is that while we think of ourselves as not having made it yet - not being up there with the top teams - we are only not as measured by history as it panned out. Granted that's the usual way and no complaints on that from here, yet we're also intelligent beings and can perceive that in other circumstances we could have done it.

      So, yes, I agree we aren't perfect. Let's not assume that all the other clubs who live up there at the top of the table year on year are perfect either. They spend their money but they have spend failures just as we do. Integrating new signings into their teams is just as hard as it is for us. Let's not assume that spending big is the easy way to victory that most seem to believe. Actually, over the last few seasons we have probably had the best improvement of any side in the division (Just look at the stats. No-one even comes close when measured over both seasons as a whole.) and that is in spite of spending very little (Rugger ball in fact).

      So, I'm happy to see that the approach we're taking is working, and working well. We're very unlikely to top the league by any great margin while there are so many very strong teams still around, but that doesn't mean we aren't up there with them. I have to say that I'm very comfortable about where we are and what we're doing. Certainly many won't be, but I'd suggest they try a different perspective. Look at it historically and see where we are now as opposed to where we were before MP came on board.

      Let's not be like the Arse down the road who've had a fantastic manager for many years who's turned them into a very successful club over the long term, yet who seem only able to moan and whinge. My personal belief is that this attitude has been a large factor in putting Arsene off his game of late. I welcome it, but certainly wouldn't want to emulate it.


    2. Yep I agree with you on all your points especially about Arseups. I just understand how other Spurs supporters think just a couple of real quality signings would put us right in there. It doesn't guarantee success and there can only be one champion but another top class striker and who knows.
      Nice talking to you COYS




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