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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Fans split on Dier, stay or go, where do you stand?


Fans really are split on Eric Dier it seems. The issue is the money really. We would want to replace him without depleting the standard of the squad and make a profit on the process.

Seriously cannot understand why some Spurs fans would even consider selling Dier. Just no.

losing eric dier for £50-60m is no catastrophe. Not the best CB or DM at the club. CCV coming through at CB and winks at CM

These two opinions sum the situation up. Personally I don't want to sell him but appreciate that at £60m it is an offer we shouldn't be refusing.

I agree with Grumpy Yid that it wouldn't be a catastrophe. He has cost us goals in the important games playing as a centre-back where he has lapses in concentration and positional problems. I think he is a pretty decent defensive midfielder personally, but you can't argue with what Victor Wanyama has done there.

We are looking for another centre-back anyway, who presumably will be able to play in a back three and Cameron Carter-Vickers is developing. Pochettino has already said he will play more this season, which presumably means in all the Cup games.

Harry Winks has been a revelation, he has taken to the Premier League like a duck to water. He was replacing Mousa Dembélé on a regular basis last season until his unfortunate injury.

We have been linked with versatile players like 25-year-old (26 next January) Ajax captain Joël Veltman, whose contract ends in a year. He has had 139 games as a centre-back and 53 as a right-back.

You wonder whether our lack of transfers so far is because we rate our squad, or whether we are waiting to see if we can keep them all together and will only purchase if we can't, apart from perhaps a striker and attacking midfielder.

Pau Lopez is surely going to be signing, given we have now young goalkeeper Luke McGee has passed his medical and joined Portsmouth for an undisclosed fee.

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  1. Never sell to Man Utd your just making the oppression stronger Never Never Never
    Remember Michael Carrick it took us years to get over loosing him!

  2. The problem with sell to united is that they will use him as an "in" to Dele

  3. I say sell him if he really does want to go; and then for the full 60 mil. Love Dier but if he would rather be there then we should get top dollar for him. Take that money and go in hard for Lemar. We would be infinitely better for it.

  4. Hoping that CC-V is going to be a satisfactory replacement for Dier in a ‘3 at the back’ is quite frankly ‘pie in the sky’.
    This player does not have the confidence to play out from defense or to be able to retain the ball under pressure.
    More to the point Clive is where do you stand?
    Your first two posts on the Dier drama were emphatic…no chance!
    Now you appear to have changed your position somewhat…
    Yes he’s made a few mistakes but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt especially since he’s racked up more playing time than any other current first team player.
    I am in no doubt that this a deliberate attempt to de-stabilise our squad especially when the EPL fourth place in UEFA standings comes under pressure from Italy during the next two seasons!
    Only the top three associations are allowed a guaranteed 4 CL places.
    See here for end of this season table:

  5. There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that Dier wants to leave Spurs or is remotely interested in a move to the Theatre of Mercenaries. Some shit-stirring, Man Utd stooge, writing for the Daily Express, is using a 7 year old quote taken out of context, when Dier was still at Sporting Lisbon, to concoct a story based on his own fantasies. My guess is Dier is not remotely interested in leaving Spurs, or going Man U, therefore we are categorically not selling him.

    1. Correct about the lack of evidence and the 6 year old quote.
      But my worry is that doubling wages to £140000 a week will turn anyone's head.

    2. Yeah, but Spurs's wage structure also allows for salaries up to 105,000 GBP per week and out of that differential of 35,000 GBP per week at least 60%, at the top rate of tax, is deducted for taxes and NI contributions.

      Therefore the reality is maybe an extra 12,000/15,000 GBP in actual receivable income. If you were already on 5 million quid a year, would you be so concerned about an extra 12,000/15,000 GBP per week?

      There is a great team spirit at Spurs and Pochettino is a terrific manager to play for, plus Dier's best mate, Dele Alli, is here. I personally don't see Dier being swayed by the lure of the Glazers' filthy lucre, as his only motivation for moving!

  6. Typical Mourinho unsettling tactics, seen it all before, Levy wont play to Manures fiddle.

  7. On the argument about "Winks is a revelation" - Winks is a one-role player and doesn't even play Dier's CM position (when Dier is in CM), so you can't replace one with the other. Winks plays the CM pivot man. Dier plays the CM holding mid, in the 2-CM lineup Spurs employ. One has more responsibility to protect the back line, the other is tasked more with moving/linking the ball forward into attack. Dier plays Wanyama's role. Winks plays Dembele's role. Dier's considerable value is in his versatility. When Spurs set up with a three-man back line, he's often one of the three. Yet, with all his stuck-in defensive abilities, he has a great eye for threading a forward pass. He's a "keeper". Why weaken the depth of the one area Spurs have depth? ... they'd only have to go out and find a replacement, and could they find one equal to Dier's range of top-level contributions?? Probably not.

    1. And ... Dier did a bang-up job two years ago as our #1 holding CM, until we got Wanyama. And he played the most matches of any Spurs player last season (fact check - I think that's true). AND he scores and creates chances. So with all the matches Spurs need to field players for, this level of "squad player" is rare to have & invaluable. In a word (or two): "quality depth". And he's still young and still developing. Then there's team chemistry - which Pochettino values highly - where he, Alli and others are thick as fleas. That does translate into performance on the pitch. Coys!



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