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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Dier value £75m, Eriksen £73m, Janssen £38m +6 more


The CIES Football Observatory are very accurate when estimating their transfer fees and their estimated Kyle Walker fee is £35.25 million (€40m - AUS$58.98m - US$45.62m). They take into account contract length in their algorithm when evaluating transfer values.

Daniel Levy has negotiated a £50 million (€56.45m - AUS$84.03m - US$64.47m) fee which is rather a nice chunk more than he is worth. CIES have him as the 110th most expensive player in Europe.

You may be surprised to learn they now have Vincent Janssen as the 101st most expensive player in Europe at £37.88 million (€43m - AUS$63.45m - US$49.04m).

Defensive midfielder Victor Wanyama is the rated as the 66th most expensive player in Europe at £48.45 million (€55m - AUS$81.15m - US$62.72m).

The 58th most expensive player in Europe is rated as centre-back Toby Alderweireld. His potential fee, £48.45 million (€59.7m - AUS$88.08m - US$68.08m).

At number 50 is Son Heung-min who had a great season last season and is recovering from a broken arm at the moment. His transfer value is rated as £54.18 million (€61.5m - AUS$90.73m - US$70.13m).

Christian Eriksen is ranked as the 25th most valuable player in Europe at £72.69 million (€82.5m - AUS$121.71m - US$94.09m).

The 21st most valuable player is Europe is Eric Dier, the subject of Manchester United interest, who is given a transfer value of £74.89 million (€85m - AUS$125.36m - US$96.94m).

Striker Harry Kane is the 3rd most valuable player in Europe, given a transfer value of £135.34 million (€153.6m - AUS$226.54m - US$175.17m).

The most valuable Spurs player in Europe only has Lionel Messi ahead of him, is Dele Alli, with a transfer value of £136.63 million (€155.1m - AUS$228.79m - US$176.88m).

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