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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Dier not for sale at any price


I see the Eric Dier situation is being misreported by many a website who simply follow like sheep without though of what actually has been said. Tottenham are not in talks with Manchester Un ited over the sale of Eric Dier.

Manchester United want him and want talks, but wanting talks and holding talks are two entirely different things. Making an offer does not constitute talks, the desire to increase an offer does not constitute talks are talking place either, quite the opposite in this case.

Dier isn't for sale, that is the end of any so called talks. Each contact elicits the same response, he isn't for sale, goodbye.

Having written that bit last night, I see Football London have this morning also revealed the same, while other website are still writing there are doubts over his future. There are no doubts at all. Their reporter Alisdair Gold points out no offer will be entertained, whatever the fee offered.

National newspapers and the websites that follow them blindly all try to one up each other so an offer suddenly becomes talks and then doubts, when the truth of the matter is nothing is happening at all.

A pat on the back for Alisdair Gold.

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  1. let's face the only reason they want Dier is as an in to Dele later on

  2. All tosh, as is your need to write about the 'news' also. Try checking your spelling!

    1. So far as any information coming out of Spurs is concerned, it is not tosh at all. In fact it is bang on the money.

      The media are obsessed with the idea that Dier is unhappy at not playing in midfield. There is not one shred of evidence to support this. In fact, it shows how little the media understands Dlet's role. By stEpping up from a three man defence into midfield, leaving two at the back, Spurs are able to change formation and tactics in-game without substitutions. Dier is pivotal to that. He is playing in both positions, often in the same game. He has also stated publicly that he is happy to play wherever the manager wants him.

      It is funny how you criticize the author's need to comment on "the news" - which he is explaining to be false news. Because there are dozens of media outlets all parroting that same false news, ignoring the truth and getting totally wrong the whole concept of how and where Dier is playing. But you don't seem perturbed by them. Just by one fella getting it pretty much spot on.

  3. Everyone has a price, eventually our best players will get wanderlust unless Levy and ENIC make some positive moves to support them more and appear genuine about trophies as well as profits.

    1. Genuine moves like building a new stadium to generate higher revenues to sensibly support higher wages, you mean? You will notice that I use the term "sensibly" here - because are one of the few clubs whose wage structure is within the guidelines advised by UEFA as a percentage of revenues. It is Spurs who are getting it right and the other clubs getting it wrong, and not vice versa. You think that Spurs should get it wrong, too. I think the other clubs should get it right too - and lament the fact that UEFA won't take action against clubs wilfully mismanaging their finances.

      Also, what profit do you believe Levy is taking out of the club? Revenues generated by the club finance the club. ENIC will make a profit if/when they sell the club they bought at a low price for a higher price after using the revenues generated by the club to make it a much, much better club.

  4. Article is spot on. We are the most financially stable in the league, for which I thank Alan Sugar in the first place and Daniel Levy ever since. There is a project at Spurs and we are not going to sell our best players. It's been made clear but 'da news'
    still has to rabbit on about the 'never going to happen' to....well, for no good reason actually. COYS!

  5. I have to congratulate SP SP on two very canny comments. Spot on in both cases. Spurs are worth much more now that we've been run so well for such a long time.

    The longer this continues the better chance we have of competing with the much richer clubs in England that currently dominate the Premiership. Not just for a season or two, but consistently.

    We have a bright future.




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