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Monday, 12 June 2017

Will this be the breakthrough season for Onomah?

The plan with Dele Alli was to give him cameo roles in his first season, but such were his performances, that he became a regular starter in no time.

Harry Winks was given cameo roles this season, he started 12 games and was a substitute in a further 21 games across all competitions. he is another who took the chance offered to him and produced when it mattered. The 21-year-old (22 next February) scored against West Ham United and had an assist against Everton.

Josh Onomah is flavour of the month at the moment thanks to the England 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup win, some are calling for him to be loaned out and strangely suggest a Championship side. Pochettino, as we know, doesn't want to loan out his better youngsters, preferring that they learn his way to play rather than another coaches style.

Fans simply equate playing with developing it seems, as if no matter where and how he is taught makes no difference. Well it does. We have a high quality manager on our hands so why would we send him off to be coached by lesser coaches who may not seek to develop his game in the way that we would like.

When a player is loaned out there are aspects of development that are discussed between both clubs but that still isn't the same as a coach seeing a player and developing him in the style he wants.

This season we will see Onomah given more opportunities, Pochettino has already told the media that so it is clear he is not going to be loaned out. It is up to him  to take the chances offered and his World Cup win should give him the confidence to show us what he can do.

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  1. The problem Josh has,and will continue to have, is that he is a different player when allowed to play in his best position, which is as a holding midfielder - as we've witnessed in the youth teams at Spurs and in this World Cup U20 tournament with England.

    But in a team as good as Spurs are now, where every game is a big game (apart from early domestic Cup games against lower division teams), how do you bring him through ?

    His cameo roles this season have been out of his favoured position, but that is clearly so that he can get almost 'risk free' game time, up field where the team can cover for him if dispossessed. It would have been asking too much from him had Poch took the risk of him costing us a game with a mistake in the more crucial area of the pitch, just in front of our back line, so he's compromised - although that hasn't really done Josh any favours in terms of confidence or favour with the supports/critics as he hasn't been able to show his talents in the way that Winks has (who is a completely different type of player and who has usually been able to have a top class holding midfielder along side him when he's performed so well for us).

    I hope Josh is patient as he looks to have all the tools to be our homegrown replacement for Dembele when the time comes, but that time hasn't yet arrived and at present he can't be thrown into the role at top PL/CL level (he was great in the U20's but people have to remember it was 'only' the U20's and he'll face bigger,stronger and shrewder foes in our first team).

    1. Saved me commenting (Almost. Sort of). Also made a better job of it TBF.


  2. Probably some of the most difficult decisions that Poch has to make is how and when to dovetail the up and coming academy players into the first team. Right now we appear to have a plethora of holding MF’s and, as TD rightly points out, it’s nice to be able to pair youth with experience.
    Fortunately with Josh his age (20) allows him to be part of the squad this season without affecting the ’25 senior players rule’ so for me the question of loaning him out this season does not arise.
    p.s. I don’t agree in general with loaning players out and see it as a last resort.



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