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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Why Spurs aren't signing players


There seems to be some confusion on Twitter and amongst Spurs fans, no doubt football fans in general, over the summer transfer window so let me clarify the situation.

Some are complaining that everyone else seems to be signing players but not Tottenham, when in fact nobody in England is actually signing players. They are not allowed to until 1 July when the Summer Transfer Window officially opens.

It opens on 9 June in Scotland, but not in England. It opens on 1 June in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, 11 June in Turkey, Holland and Denmark. In England it is from 1 July to 1 September.

At the moment all clubs can do is talk and arrange in England, the actual signing of a contract has to wait until 1 July.

The dates in Europe are the dates teams can start to sign players, so teams in Europe have a head start on Premier League teams.

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  1. Replies
    1. Not sure, but I believe that only applies to players under contract.


    2. Agreeing tio sign and actually signing a piece of paper are two very different things. Any amount of transfers can be agreed in full but the actual contract can not be signed until 1 July. Different for free agents who can not under employment law be denied employment.

    3. In addition, what a player can do and what a club would insist on, is the signing of a pre-contract agreement that a contract will be officially signed on 1 July so neither party can pull out of the deal at the last minute without agreement.

      The press naturally report that a club has signed a player, when technically they haven't, but to all intensive purposes they have.

  2. SO how come Lemar would prefer ARSENAL over you lot? haha. You won't get top four. Yes, you'll say you have Kane, Alli, etc., and a settled team. But if your competitors are spending big, and all have more seasoned managers and more money to spend on players, then you will be stretched.

    Poch should spend big, for this reason alone. If Man City, Arsenal, Man U, and Liverpool were more consistent last season, Spurs would not have finished second. Let's face it. Some of those teams may still be shit in 17/18, but not ALL of them.

    1. We haven't made any offers for Lemar, laugh all you like and enjoy the Europa League.

    2. I'm trying to follow the logic of that comment, mainly to refute it of course, but I see none. It seems to be the literal equivalent of verbal diarrhea. Some sort of unpleasant ideas inside that the body naturally wants expunged - without any sort of control or inhibition.

      I guess there's nothing really here to refute.




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