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Monday, 26 June 2017

Why can't the press report the truth over Kane?


The pathetic press are at it again writing stuff that is bordering on dishonesty. Manchester United boss has apparently urged Ed Woodward to buy Harry Kane, even though he isn't for sale at any price.

The press have thrown £100 million at the story suggesting that is what Manchester United will offer, not that they know, a club doesn't tell the press how much it is going to bid. The independent say that will not be enough, something we already know.

They go on to say Real Madrid are interested but because Gareth Bale is having difficulties they are put off making a move for Kane. That is complete fabrication, the two are totally different players and each case would be looked at on it's merits. It;s pretty stupid suggestion to be honest.

The Independent claim it would take a figure nearer to £200 million for Daniel Levy to even be interested, which the Daily Express (Manchester United handed £200m challenge by Tottenham) deliberately misinterpret that by claiming Daniel Levy will demand £200 million, which isn't true. I'd like to see the evidence of it, the Independent don't say that.

Why can't the press simply report the truth.

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  1. The reason the press can't simply report the truth is two-fold. Firstly, there's nothing to report and they have to write something, a blank page will not sell newspapers. Secondly, because so many of us get our news from TV and the internet, print journalists have to speculate and write something imaginary. It happens with all the rumours of players Spurs are looking at (Bale? I wish!) and Brexit etc.,

  2. Why can't the press tell the truth-full stop!

    1. because it would only fill one side of a postage stamp

    2. I think that would go better with a question mark, but then I'm well known to be a little pedantic ;-)

      Can't argue with your point of course.


    3. What is it, you hypocrite?

      Do you believe the press or don't you?

    4. I'm perfectly onboard with your point. It was the inappropriate use of punctuation I was calling attention to.

      Not seriously, of course. Just as an amusing aside. No need to get all upset about it.




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