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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Walker tells holidaymaker he is staying at Spurs


elow is the second pictureof Kyle Walker enjoying his holidays. In the first he told a group that he didn't want to lave Spurs and now this picture where he has stated is staying at Spurs.

It all rather contradicts what the national press are saying and reporters on Twitter who want to give us the impression they have the inside track on every story available.

They don't of course, you take an infamous Sky reporter, h seems to simply just read what is on the Internet and give non-committal answer based on that. We already know 'Sky Sources' is in fact the Internet.

Bumped in to today said he was staying with us . Hope he was telling the truth . Thanks for the photo 👍🏻

Logic and common sense seem to go out of the window for many when it comes to reporting transfer stories. They started when we were banned from Europe and the press needed something to fill the pages. They then stopped it, but such was the popularity of a transfer story that the transfer rumour was quickly brought back and has been with us ever since.

If you want to sell a paper, sensationalise a non-event or make it up has become standard practice. The version in the British press and the version abroad, for foreign player transfer stories, is often completely different and the British press to a large extent simply ignore foreign transfer news. That is understandable as it would destroy a story they are trying to run so they keep the wool,over your eyes and many a Muppet falls for it.

Will Walker stay or will he go, I don't know. If you remember at the start of all this I did report that it wasn't actually him who wanted to leave.

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  1. I hope he's right Walker going to City would harm us whilst improving them, please stay Kyle.

  2. I reckon the author has been on the sangria, awful spelling. Good news though.

    1. Best you see the answer below or consult Maidstone (eyes & heart), Folkestone (checks), Ashford (ambulance for suspected heart attack) and Dover hospitals, all of which I am attending, just the 2 hospitals this week. My nw condition affects my eyes in addition to my old eye condition, fun times!

  3. The poor spelling is probably because he was in such a rush to get to the part where he could write 'I told you so'! Jeez, what a dweeb!!

    1. No it's because I have a permanent eye condition that has been made worse by being diagnosed with diabetes and having side effects to the medicine I am on (blurs my vision even more) prior to my heart procedure next week actually.

  4. Walker is unfortunately off to City, whether he wants it or not. We need the cash to sign players, othewise expect no premium purchases only another Jannsen.Nikoudo esq signing

  5. "many a Muppet falls for it."

    Good to see the grandiose tone is creeping back in!
    I'm sure those same Muppets wouldn't lack the pride in their work you seem to lack and actually make an effort to proof read an article to ensure spelling and grammar before they posted it.

    Still I like the blog, keep up the good work - just drop the 'I'm smarter than you' tone.

  6. So many repeated complaints about the proof-reading and grammatical quality. As Clive is almost completely blind now I think we can make allowances for some spelling errors.

    As for his tone, I can see where you're coming from, but considering he's out there posting a lot of very carefully considered stuff for our consumption, that we wouldn't find otherwise, and his head's constantly above the parapet taking shots from all and sundry - I think it quite understandable he has an aggressive tone sometimes.

    It's hard out there taking all the flak. I wish I were a saint, but I suspect under such constant pressure I'd let my guard slip from time to time (and I have in public too).

    In my experience Clive is a very reasonable man who'll discuss issues fairly if that's the type of approach one makes. OTOH he'll be defensive and even aggressive when all he hears is criticism. Not so different from the rest of us really.

    Dealing with the public is often a frustrating experience. You tell them things over and over again, but because they aren't ACTUALLY the same person but lots of individuals, they continually make the same un-enlightened comments over and over again. Of course they do. It's common sense because they're different people. Nevertheless, it can still feel very frustrating.

    If you believe you could do better then good for you. Just remember there's a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.


    1. You haven't mentioned the tongue in cheek element so lost on many too!

    2. I do my best Clive, but I can't be expected to catch everything ;-)

      Please keep up the good work. Many of us rely on the insights and research you bring to the table.




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