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Friday, 23 June 2017

Verratti wants Barca and no chance of Liverpool signing Mbappe


Barcelona target , 24-year-old (25 in November) central midfielder Marco Verratti told his French employers PSG on Thursday evening that he wants to leave the club.
Spanish newspaper Marca report that French champions Monaco have turned down a £88.01 million (€100m - AUS$147.83m - US$111.98m) bid for 18-year-old (19 in December) French international Kylian Mbappe from Liverpool.

Mbappe has made it clear the only club he will join is Real Madrid, despite the misreporting of his comments by papers suggesting he wants to join UEFA Europa league side Arsenal. From a UEFA Champions League semi-final to the second tier competition in Europe is a backward step in his career.

Equally, Liverpool have no chance of signing him before they have qualified for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. A top player is not going to sign for a club only to find they lose a qualifying round and are out of Europe's premier competition.

The play-off round finishes on 23 August.

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  1. Yeah. Coz Marca never invents bullshit story's.

  2. "Mbappe has made it clear the only club he will join is Real Madrid."


    1. Virtually every newspaper reported his own words, look it up. He wants Real Madrid only, naturally.

    2. Even if he does leave he wont be Liverpool bound. All the big Clubs are circling and the favorites must be the big two in Spain and the Big Three in England along with Munich. So no suprise everyone is saying Madrid and no surprise Liverpool and Mbappe are not in the same sentence.

  3. take your head out of the sand, try the French press, it is reported there too!

    1. Post I link with him saying it and I'll believe you. And no, I don't believe in God either.

    2. Do your own research, doesn't matter whether you believe the truth or not, it's all over the Internet, if you missed it, go look for it. I didn't, nor did the rest of us. Get over it.

  4. Magnificent shithousery.

    No facts. No effort to back up your claims. No fu©king clue.

    You probably voted for Brexit 'just because'.

    And another thing, unless "the rest of us" have given you permission to speak on their behalf, I'd wind your neck in, soft lad.

    It's your sad desperation for some sort of purpose in this world that's afforded you some form of compassion on a meaningless blog about absolutely nothing.


    1. Grow up.If you have missed what was all over the Internet just look it up, it's pretty simple, even you should be able to manage it.

      I voted Brexit because I don't want armed Police entering this country without our permission, I voted Brexit because I don't want to be part of a centrally run superstate, which is what the EU themselves have said they want. I didn't vote for Corbyn because he is a terrorist sympathiser who does't support our armed forces and doesn't condemn the IRA blowing up Royals.
      I research and base my views on my own research, you, as you have pointed out, can't be bothered with research, it's too much effort for you.

  5. Hahahaha

    Deleting my post because it calls you out on your shite.

    No link, no facts, no quotes, no clue.

    As you were

    1. Your post was deleted because you are not old enough to write without hurling expletives because you are too lazy to do your research and prove yourself wrong. The quotes, as you well know, are all over the Internet, unless you have had your head buried in the sand for the last month. Like I said, do your research then you won't look so foolish.

    2. I'll make it easy for you, Google search
      Mbappe wants Madrid

      Kylian Mbappe tells Monaco he only wants to join Real Madrid - Metro hadline

      Kylian Mbappe 'only wants to play for Real Madrid' - Daily Mail headline

      Kylian Mbappe 'only wants to play for Real Madrid' - The Sun headline

      Need I go on - do your research, only someone with something to hide hides their identity.

  6. Like I said: no quotes, no links, no proof.

    I'm happy to reveal my identity once you reveal your sources.

    Otherwise I'll simply file you away under lazy, wannabe journalist.

    1. My identity is there, my picture is there and I DO NOT want to be a journalist. You seem to be wrong about everything.

  7. Here's your Metro article. What a paper, by the way. Brilliant if you're into 'Yesterday's news.'

    No surprise you also listed the Daily Fail and the Scum. Being a Brexiter and all.

    Like I said already 3 times. No source. No quotes. No links. No proof.


    1. Pathetic, simply dismiss the tyruth you don't like. Demonstrates why I did my research on Brexit and voted for Britain while you didn't and voted to be controlled bu Europe.

      You are simply making yourseld look foolish peddling lies. The truth is all over the Internet, proving me to be right.

      Now I have and can prove what I say to be true and I'm meeting a Dectective Sargeant today so I will point of the chain of events and the malicious breaches of the Communication Act for her to monitor.

      I have legal action taking place against 5 people thus far, I'm quite happy to add a sixth.

    2. I recommend you consult your doctor before your problem gets worse, your illness will only get worse if you don't.

  8. I see L'Equipe are reporting that Real Madrid are agreeing to Mbappe's request to join them and looking to make room for him.



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