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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The press haven't cottoned on Arsenal are in the Europa League yet


Arsenal are prepared to use 30-year-old (31 in September) French international (he has 64 full international caps scoring 17 goals) Olivier Giroud as a makeweight in any deal to sign Kylian Mbappe or Lacazette.

Of course it is all fantasy because 18-year-old (19 in September) French international (he has 4 full international caps) Mbappe can have his choice of clubs and is hardly going to choose a UEFA Europa League side when he was in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals this season. 

Alexandre Lacazette also wants UEFA Champions League football, the 26-year-old (27 next May) French international (he has 11 full international caps scoring 1 goal) has stated that before. A host of the clubs are chasing him so again he is unlikely to want to settle for a UEFA Europa League club.

I don't think the newspapers have realised what position Arsenal are in at the moment, they are not an attractive proposition and look set to lose their best players, unsurprisingly.

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  1. haha, oh dear spoken like a jealous neighbor.....always in our shadow mate, always...don't break the computer when Kylian signs on the dotted line.

    1. No worries on that score (rofl). In the mean time you carry on dreaming. You'll have to wake up to it all eventually, but why do so until you absolutely have to.


    2. I take it you are a big fan of Freddie and the Dreamers!

  2. your havin a laugh you gooner no chance he will sign for you Madrid, Barca or Bayern COYS

  3. Giroud has scored 27 international goals, not 17 as you state.
    By the way you may like this site....

  4. I really think that you Spuds should actually WIN something before you gloat too much, it's not as if your trophy cabinet has had anything in it for a while is it? It's certainly free of any premier league trophies or even any recent fa cups. Pathetic really...

  5. Lol. A butthurt spud blogger pissed that despite being in the Europa League, Arsenal still get linked to "top players" something the Totts would love :P

    Face your team mate. Next season you are playing in Wembley, and I'd love to see how that pans out for you lot.

    1. LOL like West Ham got linked last year. Wait and see you'll find out names won't be itching to play EL football when better is on offer.

  6. Tottenham have won more European Trophies than the Scum =)

  7. Amazing European record you have of the giants of European football winning trophy after trophy, following on from your fabulous domestic success of non stop trophy winning..oh wait...

  8. All sounding very desperate :-D Perhaps you all realise the situation a lot better than you allow yourselves to admit. Still, it was fun while it lasted I'm sure.


  9. The delusion Arsenal fans, just as we saw the delusional West Ham fans last summer. They were proved wrong and the Goons will be too.

  10. All banter aside, If this Mbappe lad really is top drawer, then going straight from Monaco to Madrid probably wouldn't do his long term career much good as it is so cut-throat there and he would get marginalised before he got going. I'm Tottenham, but Arsenal wouldn't be a bad stepping stone on the way to one of Europe's big three. That is assuming Arsenal make it back in to the CL next season... A big if.



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