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Friday, 23 June 2017

Barkley csn play with Alli if Alli is moved out the way!

Barkley - I can play with Dele Alli


For Ross Barkley, Mousa Dembele is his toughest opponent whom he feels doesn't get the recognition he deserves. The Everton midfielder highlights the way he protects the ball and his passing that help to make him a top player.

Shielding the ball isn't rocket science, if the opponent is on your left, the ball should be on the outside of your right foot so your body is between the ball and the opponent. The ball is thus kep as far away from the opponent as possible, giving them little chance of taking it from you.

A player should receive a pass in the same manner and thus be able to accept passes with confidence even when marked.

In a piece with Football London, Barkley feels he could play in a midfield with dele Alli, however he may have shunted Dele into a role that he doesn't play at Spurs, although he can.

"Yes. No question. I see him as a box-to-box midfielder and I like to play in the No 10 position. We could play in a midfield three and it would get the best out of both of us. He's a very good player."

The number 10 role is the one being operated successfully by Dele so he has a way to go to be considered ahead of our man, especially as Barkley admits, he doesn't score enough goals. I remember writing after 7 games that Dele was a better player than Barkley and that he should take his place in the England squad, he did.

Barkley would be his understudy at Spurs, he'd have to get Pochettino fit and add more to his game so the pair could be rotated if needed. I would have thought that Barkley could also operate from the left of a three man attacking trio behind a central striker, much in the same way we moved Gylfi Sigurdsson and Christian Eriksen out there. 

I suspect that would be another area of his game to develop, his versatility.

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  1. I think with Barkley, hes a more attacking and creative minded version of Dembele. Dembele makes shielding the ball and moving with it an art form, there aren't many in football that can do what he does, as anyone whos played with or against him have pointed out. However, Dembele has an inclination positionally to drop back and protect the defence for advancing fullbacks to become more involved. This is great for us defensively, however, Barkley on everything he's done to date, is less defensive and more attacking than Dembele, both creatively and with shooting.
    This would change our attacking. Generally in any combination we have a very fluid front 4 attacking players looking to get into the game each time we win back possession, Barkley would make that an attacking 5, when we are in possession and would hope he could learn the out of possession side of Dembele's game.
    With Barkley, he would definitely be the less attacking version of Alli, but our system with those two would be more similar to Xavi and Iniesta, with Wanyama doing the Busquets role in behind.
    Dembele is getting no younger and we might need to use him more sparingly in the coming years and also be able to give Winks the time to develop his physical presence and so Barkley at around 20 to 25m would be a solid choice to have.

    1. Only a year to go on his contract which reduces his price considerably.

    2. I believe there's a lot of sense in that. However, as Clive points out, I think you're a fair way off on the price.

      This is not a world-beater with years left on a contract. This is someone who's been considered to have a great deal of potential BUT those considerations have been true for a number of years now, and he's in the last year of his contract.

      Both mean that I'd expect to pick him up for no more than £20 mil max. Probably £13 - £17 mil.


  2. Parece que si no es un jugador como Cristiano o Messi no tienen importancia.... y no es asi

  3. (From Huchas Originales)
    It seems that if it is not a player like Cristiano or Messi they do not have importance ... and it is not so.

  4. are you mad, hahaha ross barkley for 13-17 million hahaha, you have no clue what so ever. barkley would be a great signing for 25 million, I hope we sign him, I think he'll cost around 30 million and he'll prove to be a great deal for both us and him.

    1. Same Anonymous? Different Anonymous? Who can tell?

      Clearly clueless but sounds like maybe a Spurs fan at least. What can I say? If he goes for >£20 mil come back and say you told me so. I have a name I'm not afraid to go by so I'm not hard to find.


  5. Adrian you should put end on the end of your last name. it sits well with your vues. lol hahahaha true though.

  6. At least I have the balls to show mine. I'll leave you to your anonymous vues. What a muppet.




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