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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Price for Barkley is the only debate


The press are reporting that Tottenham are having second thought over Ross Barkley which isn't true, Spurs still want to sign him and remains one of the players top of the list, we simply won't pay a daft asking price.

Barkley has one year left on his contract so the stupid £50m figures were never realistic and the new £35m figure is way too high also. He is free in a year and Everton, having already bought his replacement, will have to sell him. All clubs have to do is wait and increase the pressure on Everton and the price will have to drop.

Not showing interest or putting about stories of second thought is simply a negotiating tactic. To apply pressure you make the other party like they might lose something, in this case a buyer, with the desire of forcing them to concede in an area, on this occasion on price.

The press are speculating about Chelsea and Arsenal, but the latter named only have UEFA Europa League football to offer players so they are now a last resort. He has stated he wants UEFA Champions League football and he is known to favour Spurs feeling working with Mauricio Pochettino will be good for his game and his career.

There are some suggestions that a deal has already been agreed while others talk of a stalemate on price. Early July will tell us.

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  1. Everton are under no preasure to take a low offer from Spurs.

    If you want him, pay the asking price!

    1. The article makes no sense at all!

      Everton don't have to sell, and haven't bought his replacement either...

    2. We don't need to, he is free in a year which restricts his worth so the Everton asking price is merely an opening request. Rule 1: Ask for more than you want. Rule 1 for buying club: Offer less than you are happy to pay. Then sides begin negotiations.

  2. Everton haven't bought his replacement.

  3. ummm !! check your facts ....EFC don't need to sell him to recoup money already spent ... thanks to Mr Moshiri Net worth: 2.1 billion USD (2017) Forbes

    1. My facts are correct, he is out of contract in a year so Everton need to sell as Ronald Koeman has repeatedly said, it's called business and football is a business.You don't give away an asset for nothing.

    2. You quote EFC. I'll quote FFP. Financial Fair Play regulations mean that, unless EFC break these regulations, they have to account for their spending via EFC alone. They cannot simply leach money from their owners any longer.

      The Chelseas and Man Shittys of this world still have a massive advantage over other, poorer clubs, but no longer the leeway they had before simply to continue to throw good money after bad from what are essentially bottomless purses.


  4. John Stones and Chelsea, do I have to say any more.

  5. Who was that player that Spurs tried to buy for 20million, a striker, but WBA wouldn't sell and he became rubbish and they sold him a year later to stoke, I think, for half the price? I can see that happening here.

  6. Stupid article most spurs fans including this blog rate him as he next best thing. In which case there will be many clubs looking to sign him and a bidding war will follow whomever gets closest to the vauleation gets the player. Come on it's not rocket science

    1. Literally no-one is going to pay that money for a player who is still unfulfilled potential.

      City, Chelsea and United are desperately trying to outspend one another on ready-made superstars to attain immediate success. He isn't going to go to the red half. Is he? Anyone else would be a step down from Everton.

      That leaves Spurs and Arsenal. Arsenal are in the Europa league, have managerial instability and a plethora of attacking midfielders. That, of course, leaves Spurs, who have a manager building a long-term project and so giving stability, who has a record of taking young players and improving them individually, and who are looking to strengthen their squad. So they aren't in a hurry and aren't desperate.

      Unless they really will just keep him until his contract runs down, Everton's hand is quite weak and Tottenham's quite strong. I suspect that it might drag on a bit but a compromise will be reached and it won't be for the original valuation.

    2. Stupid comment, this blog doesn't rate him as the next best thing, merely that he is a young player who has the potential to improve when he gets his mentality right and knuckles down to becoming the best he can be, as well as being English.

      It is also not rocket science that bidding wars are a journalistic myth. Where they compete is what they offer a player, not on transfer fees.

    3. I would suggest that, before claiming it isn't rocket science, you should make sure your own understanding is even correct.

      As Clive points out, bidding wars are rarely even happening. Clubs bid for Berahino when he wanted to come to Spurs and he simply refused the deal. He moved on to Stoke when, and only when, he was clear that there was no longer appetite at Spurs for him. Clubs that still don't understand that a deal must suit all parties and not simply the two clubs involved (Think back to the sixties for when it was like that.) have had their fingers royally burned in recent years (WBA being a perfect example).

      If, as is suggested here, Barkley is keen on coming to Spurs then another club would not only have to convince EFC with their offer, but also Barkley himself. That situation can be as complicated as people are. They'd have to offer location, wages, opportunities for regular football, opportunities for ECL, the promise of a manager proven to enhance careers of young players. Essentially whatever it took to convince him that moving there would be preferable to moving to Spurs and working under Poch. Money could get them so far, but as WHU have found out, and The Arse are now starting to, money isn't everything.

      Money talks. Certainly. It's not the only voice in the room though.


  7. Levy will offer a price from the 1990's.

  8. he is overrated and is not good enough to replace Eriksson or Ali, unless as a sub if either of these are rested. A one dimensional footballer that hardly fits the mould of versatile footballers working under Poch's tutelage. If he was not English, he'd be sold to Stoke for £7m!!!

  9. Has it occurred to anyone who reads and/or contributes to this blog that THFC simply don’t have to sell or buy anyone at this point in time?
    I keep reiterating in my posts that maintaining the balance of the squad now is the most important factor.
    My personal conviction is that, if Poch is going to settle on three at the back (and I hope he does), then there is a requirement for another experienced centre back, and if Walker does leave, then a centre back who can also fulfil the role of right back would be the perfect fit.
    Otherwise, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
    p.s. there’s simply no room on the bench for both Sissoko & Barkley, so unless you see Sissoko leave then everyone is barking up the wrong tree!

    1. The world and his wife know Sissoko is leaving

    2. Hi Hibberni.

      Let me deal with each of your points if I may. Not that I disagree with all. Simply not quite as much in step as I usually am with your comments. Hey, we can disagree sometimes. Too boring otherwise ;-)

      I believe that Spurs need to be looking for new talent continuously. Not all need to replace first-team players, but we need to keep processing players through the system to stay viable. Selling is another matter, though I guess we need to sell those we don't see as up to what we need. On top of that I believe we also need to sell Sissoko. Every year we keep him he costs us more. He's not showing anywhere near enough promise to make it worth the risk of another year in my view.

      "Balance of the squad." No argument from me.

      Three at the back is working very effectively. However, what I believe Poch is after, more than any single formation, is flexibility and options. Yes, we need to be able to cover three with an injury or two, but we already have Dier who can handle the right side and Ben Davies the left. I suggest we need another centre-back of either foot who can play well in both three and four formations.

      "If it ain't broke..." Unfortunately, time passes. We must be prepared for changes even if we really have no need to change much ATM. We need to keep options available perpetually. That's not to say we need to experiment too much when we have such a highly performing team.

      I cannot say if Sissoko has already agreed a deal or not, but I'd be very surprised if he's still with us by August.

    3. Hi Adrian, Clive,
      My belief is that the Academy should be mainly responsible for developing new talent (those of West Ham and S’ton being shining examples) and buying new players should only happen when there is an obvious requirement in the first team squad that cannot be filled internally.
      I suspect that Sissoko leaving will depend very much on DL getting the right price and it also raises the question of why on earth we bought him in first place.

    4. I think the Tottenham Academy is a shining example.

    5. I hear you Hibberni.

      I love to see players coming through from the academy. Harrys Kane & Winks are perfect examples. However, I'm not convinced we are yet in a position to cover all positions that way, nor do I believe we should be looking to. There are always many accomplished players out there that simply haven't started in our academy. To deny ourselves these players could well prove costly.

      Poch knows what he's doing. I firmly believe that. If he feels that on this occasion we can get to a better player more quickly by going for Barkley than waiting for an academy player to fit the bill, then I'm perfectly happy with that.

      As Clive says, in years to come, we'll be getting more and more quality from our academy. Let's be fair. It hasn't done too badly in recent years.




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