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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Pochettino send letter congratulating fan on birth of baby girl

Tottenham Hotspur, the caring club. Life is so much better for positive people and there are a lot of positives at Tottenham Hotspur.

We have a chairman who understands business far better than and anti-Spurs blogger and dragged this club up from mid-table obscurity to challenging for a Premier League title for two seasons on the trot and a League Cup Final under Mauricio Pochettino.

Our Argentinan boss is a rare breed amongst managers, he is one who can improve players rather than just build a team. The former gives greater scope for team improvement than the latter and is more sustainable.

Pochettino has authority on the training ground, but away from it seems a genuinely nice fellow, one quite happy to joke with the press and one who passionately cares. That caring side has come to the fore again with a letter sent to a fan who has recently enjoyed the birth of a baby girl.

A thoughtful letter or Jack Wilshere singing foul-mouthed verbal abuse, which value would you want the heroes of your football team to teach your child?

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  1. And we all know who the joke blogger is: the one who pollutes a great man's name and deletes all comments on his blog from those who disagree with him ad his whose hatred of levy borders on that of AFC or CFC supporters

    1. We sure do, he has a hatred of this blog too

  2. That chap is an absolute bellend

    Poch is a genuinely good guy and a fantastic manager

  3. The real irony here is the obsession AFC supporters and players have with THFC and their seeming absolute hatred of the club that tAFC has actually twice injured and not by accident. It is almost akin to ideological brainwashing of children that we see and read about everyday: irrational and destructive to both the individual and those around them. I have no love for tAFC but regard them as more akin to us WRT presence of financial honesty than the money cheats of CFC, MCFC, MUFC & LFC(for those of you who are young, that was how LFC dominated for so long. I and my whole family detest red but we would never abuse verbally or otherwise a tAFC supporter or even their club. It is amazing to read on their boards the apparent lack of appreciation that they have for Wenger and the ignorance about just how lucky they are to have two good managers(GG & Wenger). If you try to debate them their ignorance about even their own history is incredible and the attempts at character assassination that follow disagreement are virtually replicas of that found in politics. As a Roman senator said (in the first century AD IIRC) "I don't know what is happening to our youth but they worry me

  4. A club and a manager we can all be proud of.




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