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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Official kit advertised and on sale in Asia, plus Smalling to Spurs?


As a lad Chris Smalling was a nice kid, I was his skipper in my cricket side and he was a promising young quick bowler, but clearly football was his forte and playing for Maidstone United took over.

As a centre-back he showed great promise at Fulham and secured a move to Manchester United. For me he has been hit and miss there and hit and miss for England too.

Manchester United are releasing the 27-year-old (28 in November) and I wonder if Pochettino would take him as a backup and improve his defending? What do you guys think, worth a punt at say £10 million (€11.34m - AUS$16.81m - US$12.82m) or are his ball playing skills not enough?

There are Tottenham Hotspur kits on sale in Asia being advertised as thr official kits for next season. If they are I'm happy, very simple, very effective.

The rd name of our sponsors was always going to remain on a white shirt as they are the companies colours. It doesn't make a lot of difference to many fans but the away shirt will be more to their liking.

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  1. I would not have Smalling on a free transfer so NO THANKS

    Haydn A.Williams

  2. Naa Keep that immobile brick Mike Smalling at Manc. He doesn't even fit the club's profile. He is over 26, technically weak and has the personality of a soggy toilet roll!


  3. Don't worry guys 'meat pies' are banned.
    Les Roux disent que les tourtes viande sont interdit....

  4. I think the more pressing issue is that Red on the home kit. Yet another year I can/won't buy the kit

  5. shit home shirt not for me the neck looks crap

  6. Why on earth does the sponsors name need to be that big?, especially the red on the white shirt its totally unacceptable.

    1. Because that's what they pay for, the size will be specified as part of the agreement.

  7. You have to admit that it didn’t take a genius to produce this one…
    Kit design is yet another one of those subjective issues and ranks equally with player ratings.
    I felt that last season’s kit was UA’s best attempt, there was more subtlety in their design.
    Clearly our main sponsor has a contractual agreement that their logo remains in red on our home kit. The challenge, therefore, is for Nike to produce a design that continues to reflect our heritage without deflecting (too much) attention away from AIA.
    If what Clive has portrayed is to be the end result then for me Nike has failed miserably in their first attempt…no real difference from the ‘Mansion’ shirt is it?

  8. I understand the red being their colour and we can't complain about it having red on the shirt as we have since time began but it looks so cheap. I like the plain white kit. (Last years was awful.It looked like a cheap knock off) Spurs should always have a plain white home shirt but I don't know how Levy doesnt negotiate a blue AIA on it. It isnt red on the away one after all.
    As for Smalling....Never gonna happen....He wouldnt have got in a not CL Spurs team.



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