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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Meyer and Barkley contracts end 2018, shouldn't they be the same price?


There is plenty of talk of 22-year-old (23 in September) Nike sponsored Max Meyer interesting Mauricio Pochettino and plenty of misinformation. The Sun claim Spurs were put off by a £39.36 million (€45m - AUS$60.56m - US$50.37m) price tag, but that is merely a figure thrown up to try and prevent a sale while they attempt to convince him to sign a new contract. The payer himself decided to stay in Germany so there was no point Spurs trying to come to an agreement over price.

Having failed to get him to sign a new contract, Schalke are in the same position with Meyer that Everton are in with 34-year-old (24 in December) Ross Barkley, both have a year left on their contracts and their respective clubs are forced to sell them below their value if they had longer contracts.

The figure being bandied about for Meyer is £17.49 million (€20m - AUS$29.58m - US$22.39m) which demonstrates the price a year ago wasn't a true transfer value, merely a deterrent price.

Barkley should be a similar price to Meyer, which again demonstrates the price Everton are quoting to b all wrong, despite a premium for him being home grown. Had he got three years left on his contract, or even two then their figure may be right, but he doesn't.

It is unlikely we would sign both and Barkley is the first choice for Pochettino. The question is how long do we negotiate to get the price down to a level that reflects the length of his contract?

That could take time, it could be quick, or we could simply decide to buy elsewhere leaving Barkley having to look at his second or third choice.

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  1. "their respective clubs are forced to sell them below their value if they had longer contracts"

    What are you on about? A club ain't forced to lower their askingprice of a player because he only has one year left on his contract. There's no rule around that... The club has every right to ask anything for their player as long as the player is tied to a contract.

    1. Real life. The shorter the contract the lower the fee, that is what happens in football all the time. A players contract length dictates his value. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that. Happens at every club, both for and against, in the world.

    2. Asking and getting are two entirely different things.

  2. Well duh!

    Of course they have a right to TRY. Back in the real world though, they know from history and a great deal of experience that, try as they might, it just ain't gonna happen.

    There's no force involved, of course. However, the financial penalties of getting it wrong are heavy and there for all to see. Just ask WBA's John Williams after the Berahino debacle. How happy is he now that he got it so badly wrong?




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