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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Liverpool apologise and end interest in Van Dijk


After Southampton threatened to report Liverpool to the Premier League for tapping up Virgil van Dijk Liverpool have now apologised and ended all interest in the Dutch centre-back. They call their tapping up a 'misunderstanding'.

The media seemed to think the transfer of the 25-year-old (26 in July) was a forgone conclusion for £60 million but as I said before, a club who are going to report another club do not agree a fee which shows journalists and Twitter profiles shouting a deal were making a figure up.

It should be remembered that Liverpool are currently serving a 2-year ban from signing youth players from clubs in this country after they were found guilty of 'tapping up' youngsters. The second year of the ban is suspended and they were fined £100,000 so this seems to be prevalent with them.

Liverpool are now scouting Europe for young players to sign for their academy instead.

Southampton have big dogged Liverpool. Sensational work from all involved.

The Liverpool statement in full:

"Liverpool Football Club would like to put on record our regret over recent media speculation regarding Southampton Football Club and player transfers between the two clubs. 
"We apologise to the owner, board of directors and fans of Southampton for any misunderstanding regarding Virgil van Dijk. 
"We respect Southampton's position and can confirm we have ended any interest in the player."

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  1. Sounds much more like guilt than misunderstanding to me. It also sounds pretty dumb TBF. Like a player making a lunging tackle when already on a yellow. I'm glad Spurs don't get up to any of that nonsense.


  2. South Coast Big Club finally get over their Tottenham obsession and notice Liverpool have been taking the pure per out of them for years.

    1. That's actually very true. Much of their cream went off to Liverpool and they spent all their energies moaning about Spurs and the worry of Pochettino stealing their best - and in that they include Toby Alerweireld who was never theirs in the first place.

      Thankfully, we did things the correct way and got Wanyama a year later than desired, but all above board. Not that they abstained from complaining anyway.




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