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Monday, 5 June 2017

Giroud 1st, Llorente 2nd, Kane 3rd


An interesting statistic from Whoscored, the best conversion rate in the Premier League last season with a minimum qualification entry of 10 goals.

Top PL Conversion Rates

1. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) 30.8%
2. Fernando Llorente (Swansea City) 28.8%
3. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) 26.4%

Left-footed 30-year-old (31 in September) French striker  Olivier Giroud (he has 61 full international caps scoring 23 goals) played 1,194 minutes over 29 games and scored 12 Premier League goals with a further 4 assists. He scored a goal every 100 minutes and had a direct hand in a goal every 74.63 minutes.

Right-footed 32-year-old (33 next February) Spanish international striker Fernando Llorente (he has 24 full international caps scoring 7 goals) played 2,451 minutes over 33 games and scored 15 Premier League goals with a further 1 assist. He scored a goal every 163 minutes and had a direct hand in a goal every 153.19 minutes.

Right-footed 23-year-old (24 in July) England international striker Harry Kane (he has 17 full international caps scoring 5 goals) played 2.536 minutes over 30 games and scored 29 Premier League goals with a further 7 assists. He scored a goal every 87 minutes and had a direct hand in a goal every 70.44 minutes.

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  1. Just shows stats means absolutely nothing

    1. It's certainly true that many show great difficulty in interpreting them correctly. I'm not sure that can be blamed on the stats themselves though.

      BTW. Stats, with an 's' on the end, is plural ;-)


    2. Vert true, they can tell you whatever you want them to, thought I'd counter balance then with the time it takes to score a goal

  2. Better tell Wenger as he sees something that the stats do not. I only watch THFC and have no really certain idea about Giroud but IIRC Llorente is an out and out target man and not much help elsewhere although at his age he must have improved somewhat. But Giroud who isn't much better, has been used mostly as an impact sub vs tiring opposition (again IIRC) last season and so the premise that he is the better player thx to a higher conversion rate is classical gooner style rubbish. But then, going by the constant sneers from emptirates even if Kane scored 50 goals in a season they would still rubbish him. tAFC supporters and players are like certain ideologists in that they come with an inbuilt hatred for THFC ( I have tried to analyse this and IMHO it is a guilt complex expressed as they were exactly the same in the 50s/60s when we were winning silverware far more) and are not afraid to show it: look how reluctant exgooner players posing as commentators are to praise THFC and its players. However I have been impressed with Llorente and it is a real pity that he is so old but the bounce back from that atrocious Italian episode showed what a man he is.

  3. S an article appears suggesting that Giroud isn't a bad player, and yet you choose to states Giroud is awful, Kane is the greatest, and yet Gooners are the biased ones, really? LOL
    Did a lot of media analysis bay on the 50's did you? Cool story bro.

    1. If you're looking for gooner bias then your comment is a perfect example.

      Clearly Giroud is NOT an awful player. Almost as clearly, no-one said he was.

      There was a point made that the blind misreading of stats that may confuse people into thinking he's a better player than he is, is not warranted. As was explained quite clearly in the preceeding comment (The one you chose to misinterpret so woefully).

      "Giroud and Llorente are both target-men who add far less to the overall team than HK" was the point I got from that comment. Pretty bl**dy good target-men TBF, but not the all-round striker that HK is. One would generally expect a higher conversion rate from such players in the circumstances. The other figures quoted all show HK in a much stronger light, which fairly indicate that he contributes a great deal more than either of the other two. Playing minutes per goal is an extraordinary figure and he outclasses all others in that stat. I don't recall ever knowing of anyone who could average more than one goal per ninety minutes playing time across a whole season, and I was around when Jimmy Greaves was putting all and sundry to the sword.

      What you'd expect from a player that has twice won, and a third time just missed, the Golden Boot award of the EPL, the strogest league in the world bar none. All in the only three seasons he's played in it.

      So yes, most people misread statistics, but it takes real ignorance to do so even after they've been explained.


    2. Unlike gooner Anonymous Monday, June 05, 2017 4:03:00 pm I was there watching at the time in the 1950s/1960s (still have FA cup 1961 program). WRT goal scorers no one will ever beat Greaves but Kane adds more to the game than Greaves ever did and he scores. Adrian, thank you for putting it so simply to the poor gooner although my mirth over their hostility to THFC made me bash it too much but the way they behave , they deserve it and yes, I wanted tAFC to win the FA cup as ANYONE was better than CFC. :)

    3. I was still toddling at the time, but remember Greavesie. So dissappointed when he went, though I understand better now why.

      He was also a great character. Not one that was always centre of attention, but one that had obviously matured by the time he was presenting regularly with Iain St John. I have a lot of respect for the man.

  4. I love this stuff, it’s grist to my mill.
    What I’ve noticed about WhoScored is that their conversion rate (both player & team) is calculated on total shots.
    Now, what is the point of calculating a conversion rate if the shot is not on target?
    Answer… there is no point, a shot off target cannot score so it’s addition to a conversion rate statistic is irrelevant!
    Stats do not lie, their interpretation however leaves a lot to be desired…
    Moving on…
    Here is a table that calculates conversion rates given the number of shots on target/goals scored for the past season (scoring %)…
    You can play with the columns by clicking the headers to rearrange into best & worst.
    Last season we were in the bottom 3 of the scoring % column as were MANU this season.
    This season however, we are top of the SoTF p/90 with an average of 6.8 which partly explains why our conversion rate moved above the EPL average.
    It’s a team game, isolating individual performances serves only to ignore the majority.
    “When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality”…Joe Paterno



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