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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fake official Spurs account report Lemar signing Spurs contract, the club must take action


There is a fake Twitter account pretending to be the real thing, that has announced we have signed Monaco winger Thomas Lemar, even though it is actually illegal to do so before 1 July. A club can reach an agreement with a player but they have to actually wait until the transfer window opens to sign a contract thus the picture below is a fake.

This account boast 32 followers and has 1 Tweet to its name. How many people are going to fall for it and are the club going to take action against the individual for claiming to be an official source, something which Twitter must surely check given the grey area of the law that means they are possibly responsible for everything that is on their platform, just as a website hosting company is responsible for everything on websites they host.

It is always dangerous to put legal documents on your website and you'd certainly need to establish a credible source, but if they were illegally obtained, then there isn't a legal leg to stand on.

This account os damaging to name of Tottenham Hotspur and to discourage this sort of thing in the future the club should ask the Police to investigate. The damage this account could do the the clubs image is untold as they could post anything.

I hope action is taken

We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with AS Monaco for the transfer of Thomas Lemar.

EDIT: Web Address -

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  1. The image is of Danny Rose signing with Lemar's head photoshopped on top

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