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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eriksen and the untold damage

Tottenham Hotspur is bigger than Christian Eriksen. We have made the player and last season was the first that he has been consistent for the majority of the season. Previously he had turned it on after January and made fans forget his poor start to each season.

It has been an eternity since he scored from a free-kick and we have returned to being totally unproductive from direct shots from them. Is it now the time to take some of the free-kick duties away from him, if, and only if, we are going to take a direct shot, should we be allowing Eric Dier to take them, It is one area that Harry Kane doesn't inspire confidence in.

He is not the be-all-and-end-all at Tottenham and if he moves on he moves on. There are plenty of footballers in the world to replace him. He gives Tottenham two or three years to get to the elite level but his words will have no effect.

Tottenham have a strategy under Mauricio Pochettino and he will continue with that strategy to build. The club is a way off being in the financial league of Barcelona, who he has basically said come and get me to. taking Tottenham to the next level has to be done within a budget, first the income has to increase to be able to increase transfer fees and wages to the next level.

Gambling the other way around could do untold damage to the club if it were to fail, as it did for Leeds United who have never recovered and more recently QPR who went crazy for a season, got relegated and are still paying the price. I don't suggest Spurs would get relegated, but if you raise your wage structure you have to be able to afford it if you don't qualify for the UEFA Champions League and a few players start to drift off to be replaced by lesser players. It is a dangerous game and not one any responsible club should adopt.

There is a reason Sir Alex Ferguson said to have a successful football team you have to have a successful business. That is the reason. It is quite amusing that journalists, who haven't a clue how to run a multi-million pound business write what a chairman should be doing and indeed advise a policy that could take tens of years to recover from.

Do we have replacements for Eriksen in the ranks, no not at the minute. While Josh Onomah is developing and will play more next season I don't see him as an Eriksen replacement and Marcus Edwards needs time to develop. The exciting and talented youngster could step into Eriksen's shoes in time if he doesn't think ahead of himself and believe he should be playing when clearly he isn't ready. that can be a difficult one to manage.

This week Eriksen played for Denmark against Germany in a friendly and opened the scoring after 18 minutes from a misplaced pass. Germany scored with 3 minutes to go to secure a 1-1 draw.

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  1. I think everybody should calm down and read the full interview not just the tabloid, cheap blog headlines. He said nothing out of order, it was all very sensible and reasonable. Those of you who expect him to be 'kissing the badge' are deluded, in my opinion.

    1. Exactly.

      From the words he actually said you could just as easily work an equally misleading headline "Eriksen ready to commit to Spurs with continued improvement". But that wouldn't fit the agenda to unsettle this squad.

  2. if your placing Onomah even in the same sentence has a player like Eriksen, then you need to think long and hard, I have watched Onomah cameos for 2 seasons and to be honest he isn't good enough for us.

  3. Actually Eriksen is one of five players Spurs could not afford to lose under any circumstances. There is no replacement in the squad. Eriksen is the enabler. We searched for quite a while for a Modric replica and although 23 plays further forward and let's face it Modric is better, they really are very similar.
    We have to hope these were simply musings without intent, but if they come for him we go two steps back. Barkley can't do what Eriksen does.

    BTW the other 4 players are Kane, Dele, Alderwiereld and Dier

    1. rose? wanyama? Jan?

    2. Dembele? (rose was missing for most of the season due to injury and we still raked in a ton of wins, so obviously not essential since we have ready replacements who can step in, still Rose turned into a great player to my surprise)

  4. What an absolute load of rubbish. Tottenham need Eriksen, he created more chances than any other player last season.
    Last year, Eriksen made a clear statement when into the season he only signed until 2020, meaning we would have to sell him this summer or next to get a good price. The eternal optimists came out and said load of rubbish, all players only sign 4 years but they almost all signed for 5.
    Ive been saying for years we need to get a player who can replace Eriksen or we will start to fall apart if he leaves.
    Wanyama aside we wasted plenty of money on dross and other than a failed deadline day before deadline day attempt to bring in Isco we made no effort to sign any creative attacking mid yet again.
    Yes, Alli is getting more creative, Son also and we should have the clever Lamela back next season but losing a player responsible for as much creativity as Eriksen would be devastating for Tottenham, not just because its hard to attract a decent creator for our wage structure but also because that player will come from another leagie and another system and have to start from scratch with Poch. We should hold Eriksen this summer and integrate another creator into the team.
    Think Lemar, Rodriguez or msybe Julian Brandt. We already missed out on Bernerdo Silva (who wouldve been perfect) to City.

  5. Blimey you've got your knickers in a twist today !

    I read the interview, then read the twisted headlines which selectively took some of his words out of context, and i'm not fussed in the slightest.

    Eriksen is only saying what most of our players are thinking. We'd like to win trophies and we'd like to win trophies at Spurs if possible. But if that isn't possible then we'd have to look to move elsewhere, and it's hard to say no to a team like Barcelona. Very difficult to argue with anything he's said or is thinking, so basically Spurs have to keep progressing like they have done recently and they now have to win something,or at the very least make themselves a CL QF/SF team and PL challenger on a regular basis. Can't say that's beyond us if this group stick together.

  6. If we lose the likes of Walker, Eriksen and Rose, then Levy needs to take responsibility. Poch is not stupid either. It could be the beginning of a chain reaction as it gradually dawns on them that a title is almost impossible to achieve with a strong squad that includes the bench. All players want to win silverware, and they want to play for a team where the owners really want that too, not some corporate theme park.

  7. Eriksen The catalyst, world class player, but Tottenham are a huges club and getting bigger.
    But i think, playing in Europa, should be taken more seriouse now.
    is on the biggeste stage of all. go out there and show why Tottenham are there, and belongs to be there.

    The players must also be hungry for that, Kane, Lloris,
    the current squard reminds me of AC Milan, when they dominated with the 3 flying dutchman.
    is a dream squard, a team in harmoni, there have fun together.
    and try to find some goalscorings jewels, like Brentford Lasse Vibe.
    23 goals 27 match, also the Dane "Conan" aka. jannik Vestergaard.that little detail yesterday in denmarks match agains Germany , he where close to score,

  8. Eriksen said no to Barca, and every other BIG club when he was a teenager. Was not interested in the money, only his development and he stayed at Ajax. When he said not many turn them down, he did. I cannot believe this makes an article, committed to Spurs, as long as we are headed in the right direction. We made the player, FFS, don't make me laugh. He was made at Ajax, and we were lucky enough to pick him up for a song. To slag him off, when he said nothing wrong at all is petty and childish. Clickbait article.

  9. He's just saying what every other player would say, no need to rattle your moobs!!

  10. I have heavily criticized this player in the past on other blogs, for all the reasons that Clive states but, with 12 goals and 23 assists in all competitions last season it does seem premature to suggest that we could do without Christian at this point.
    What I think is important to remember is that he arrived during a period of ‘management change’.
    Mousa, Jan, Hugo & Erik also arrived during this time.
    Putting aside Erik’s injury would we really want to lose any of these players?
    These are the guys who were prepared to sit through uncertainty and have now become part of the backbone of our team.
    If Christian (and Toby) want to rattle a few cages… good on them…it’s part of the price of success and, Daniel, perhaps it’s part of your learning curve also…easy to control the failures but not so easy to govern the successes!

  11. As others have said - let's not panic. Neither let us pull our support away from a player that's done us proud for a while now (Albeit with a seriously reduced payload from FKs this season), simply because we fear to lose him. Personally, I don't believe we have good cover for him at this time.

    We have to take the knocks when they come. We don't have to keep worrying about potential knocks that only MAY come.


  12. I have not read Eriksen's full statement but I can believe that the press/media have taken a small part of it and made it into something it is not. As far as I'm concerned, Poch & Levy must do everything in their power to keep the vast majority of this group together, even if it means Levy loosening the purse strings a little as far as wages are concerned. Of the regular first team squad, the only player I would consider releasing would be Dier, who commits too many unforced errors especially when playing at the back. Of the fringe players, Onomah has never struck me as a player who might develop into anything other than average and that is not good enough for a team looking for continuous improvement. COYS



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