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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Daily Mail pick up on Smalling to Spurs suggestion


14 June article - Official kit advertised and on sale in Asia plus Cheis Smalling to Spurs

This morning the Daily mail have picked up on my suggestion that Spurs might, only might, want to consider Manchester United centre-back Chris Smalling if Pochettino feels he could improve him.

They are now reporting that Spurs are considering him as one of three, where they get a list of only three from is anyone's guess, clubs have more than three players they are watching for every position,

Harry Maguire, Ben Gibson and Michael Keane are the three the Mail claim we are interested in , although Maguire has just signed for Leicester City so if we were serious about him we would have made a move.  The one thing in Gibson's favour is that he is left-footed, the others are right-footed and it is a left-footed centre-back we would prefer to take over from left-footed Kevin Wimmer, as cover for left-footed Jan Vertonghen.

There is a huge difference between watching a player and making a move to sign them. I have heard nothing to suggest we are or have made a move for any of them.

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  1. Could work as cover for our boys. He's also used to playing at Wembley and an experienced England international - not that that is particularly attractive these days!



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