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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Agent pours cold water on Spurs Cengiz Under deal, De Gea story false


The agent of reported 19-year-old (20 in July) Tottenham Hotspur-bound Cengiz Under, Omer Koray Uzun, has poured cold water on stories that Tottenham have reached an agreement to buy his client.

“There is no agreement right now with any club, there are several clubs from England, Germany and France scouting Under but no deal.

“I have heard about the Lille rumour, there is no offer like is being reported but they are interested and considering making a move. We are waiting for the right moment but Cengiz will play in Europe and his club want the same for him. 
“It is just a matter of the right time now, his club and manager Abdullah Avci deserve a lot of praise for taking a risk on him and giving him the chance to prove himself.”

Sound like he is playing the waiting game and seeing what offers come in. he is certainly inviting offers from interested parties, but yet again we don't know if a verbal deal has been struck, presumably, that is what has been reported.

Real Madrid are said to have made a huge bid for David de Gea, the Manchester United goalkeeper, yet newspapers in Spain know nothing about it which suggests it is a figment of the imagination of our press, or more likely a story invented by his agent before sitting down to negotiate a new contract.

This tired old tactic of pretending a club might lose a player, didn't he recently say he was staying (?) clouds the reality. HSounds completely bogus to me,



  1. The days of agent febricated stories are over, they just sit back and leave it to HITC nowadays



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