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Monday, 5 June 2017

A replacement for Eriksen needed



Last summer it took a while to tie Danish international playmaker Christian Eriksen down to a new contract and the rumours I reported then were that he may only be at the club one more season.

I think it is safe to say that our season has delayed his departure amid real belief we can win a Premier League title and improve enough to mix it in Europe. His recent comments suggested he is ambitious and wants to play for a club winning things. If that is Tottenham so be it but it doesn't have to be.

That is no different from his stance last season, although it wasn't reported in the media, he didn't make the remarks he has made now.

Given that he may leave if we don't win things we have to have a backup plan, we have to have someone earmarked to take his place or someone already bought and integrated into our system to take his place.

It is a dilemma, you have to plan ahead yet Eriksen could still be here in a couple of years, he isn't in the situation of Kane who simply wants to stay at Spurs. Will Marcus Edwards still be at the club in a couple of years? Will he have developed enough to be first-team material, as he isn't at the moment?

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  1. What a load off crap . He didn't say he wanted too leave and Barcelona didn't say they wanted him

  2. Fake news! Also, some examples of poor punctuation and grammar. MDB... must do better. Two out of 10. Baron Hardup, for a story, so, let's make one up!

    1. Don't be a muppet!

      The world and his dog knows Clive suffers from serious eye damage and is unable to see well enough to check properly for typos - which is all they are for the most part.

      Secondly, this isn't fake news - as it doesn't claim to be news at all. It's an opinion expressed. I would add that it's an opinion many of us look forward to reading as it's proven to be from a very reliable source over the years.

      So, may I suggest that you crawl back under that rock you came from before you embarrass yourself further. MDB might actually be appropriate here. I expect you don't have any excuse.

      @David M.
      Do please read what it says before making unconnected comments. Nowhere does it quote Eriksen as saying he wants to leave. That's just lazy misinterpretation.

  3. I think Eriksen has the talent to play at Barcelona, but he has to quit disappearing in games as often as he does. Secondly, if he is to depart, Max Meyer just made it clear he is ready to move on. He did not have a great season this past year, but he could make a good replacement for the Eriksen role in the Spurs line up.

  4. We direly need someone to push Eriksen as he all too often is "absent' and his dead balls? well best left unsaid. I don't care if it is Barkley, Meyer, or anyone(Edwards may move on as he like far too many young players believes his own hype but if he does go he will fall as he needs protection from himself at this vital stage)) so long as they 1) can actually run the game in the opposition half & 2) can handle dead balls effectively. Eriksen did this 1) much better in the second half of the season but IMO would do far better if pushed by another like talent.



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